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  1. Default Sage Z Axis 6wt. project

    Just thought I would tell any of you rod builders out there that I just ordered this blank and will be building one with rec guides (the bendy ones) this winter. Any tips/advice is welcome! Also, what are your opinions on some cool thread colors to go with that beautiful olive green blank?

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    Default Re: Sage Z Axis 6wt. project

    d.ducker---i have one of those---you are going to love that rod!

    its good short as well as long

    the only drawback i found was dont take it fishing on gusty days--i look for a slower action rod---a lower modulus graphite or glass
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    i just started a sage z axis 690 as well. Like you I am using REC guides. I also got rec nikel reel seat with a koa spacer.
    i am wrapping mine with crannberry red with silver linning. im hoping that the red will darken considerably when i apply finish.
    id love to see pics of your rod when u finish. i can send u some of mine as well.

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    Default Re: Sage Z Axis 6wt. project

    I used a gold wrap on my 6wt z axis and I think it looks great. I used the recoil guides too and they work great in the winter time. I wasn't happy with the way the Flexcoat turned out. It turned yellow after about a year. Next time I am going to try American Tackle Co's rod finish. A little more expensive but it's not suppose to yellow.
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