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  1. Default Ferrell or not??

    Good morning. I just finished attaching [wrapping] my guides to my new rod and as I was aligning them I noticed the joint where the two pieces fit together. Is there supposed to be a metal Ferrell here or is the top blank stout enough to support the stress and flex of fishing without splitting? Should the female part of the blank be wrapped and finished with epoxy to make it stronger and less likely to split? I split a graphite blank one time extending the length of the handle and was just wondering.
    Anyway this is my silly question for today .[I hope]
    so many questions , so little time
    Thanks in advance
    Ken Blevins

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    Default Re: Ferrell or not??

    Assuming that you're talking about a graphite rod...
    The female end of the ferrule should be wrapped and finished approximately 1 1/2 times the diameter
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  3. Default Re: Ferrell or not??

    Thats what I was wondering about. Thanks a lot

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