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Thread: static testing

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    Guys--- I just realized that I forgot to static test my blank before I wrapped my guides. Geeezzz, what a dumb ass thing to do? I did use the guide placement chart that was provided because this is my first fly rod and needed a place to start. I know that the correct thing to do would be to tear it down and start over but old eyes and thick fingers make this a undesirable choice. I guess I'll go to the basement and static test it the way it is and see if I can live with what I've got. Dumb-dumb-dumb
    Sorry for the venting

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    Hi Ken,

    I wanted to let you know that I did not edit your post. I hit the wrong button. Sorry about that.

    Did you locate the spine before you added the guides?


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    Hi Frank.
    The spine was marked on both sections. I checked their mark and it was right on. I went ahead and static tested it and was happy to find that it looked pretty good. I could most likely tweak it some but decided against it.

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    Check this out. It's what I have been using. I don't have to move my guides more than a couple inches or so.
    New Guide Spacing/Sizing program - Rod Building

    Thanks for coming up with this Chris!
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