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    Default 2018 Donation Rod

    Hi all, haven't posted in awhile. A lot going on personally and professionally so haven't been building or fishing much this past year. I did just finish a rod and thought I'd share some pictures. It's a donation rod for the Colorado Children's Hospital Burn Camp fundraiser dinner. In years past fly fishing items have been popular and it has been fun to see people bid on a rod I've built as well as support a great cause.

    Matt from Proof Fly Fishing donated the components for the rod again this year (4th year I believe). It's built on one of his new fiberglass blanks. I put a 3wt DT line on it and it casts like a dream. I love how the thread went translucent and shows the guide feet - goes well with the blank which is also translucent and lights up when the sun hits it. I skipped the winding check since the grip reamed out very cleanly - next time I might put one on anyway.

    Blank: Proof Vapor 7' 3wt 3 piece
    Guides: Snake Brand
    Grip: simple cork cigar style
    Seat: Proof downlocking with black finish and a cork insert
    Thread: Fishhawk nylon Spring Green with no CP

    Thanks for looking

    - William

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    Default Re: 2018 Donation Rod

    Nice work William for a great cause to help some kids out!


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    Default Re: 2018 Donation Rod

    ^^ what he said!

    I really like the looks of those translucent wraps.

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    Default Re: 2018 Donation Rod

    Very nice work, and a great looking blank.

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    Default Re: 2018 Donation Rod

    +1 for beautiful work, congrats William!

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    Default Re: 2018 Donation Rod

    Nice work, I love the color scheme. How's the performance of these Proof rods?

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    Default Re: 2018 Donation Rod

    Add my compliment to your workmanship and dedication to a worthy cause.

    Well done.
    "As no man is born an artist, so no man is born an angler" ...Izaak Walton

    "Nothing is as bad as something that is not so bad"...Sr. Percival Blakeney, aka The Scarlet Pimpernel

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    Default Re: 2018 Donation Rod

    William, I saw this thread come up again, and I wanted to add something.

    I think I have mentioned this to you before, but my youngest daughter is a patient at Colorado Children's Hospital. She--we, really--are beneficiaries of the time, effort, and treasury that you and others selflessly give. Some of her best memories are of Colorado Children's camps (not the burn camp, but another diagnosis). You craft wonderful rods, that someone else will buy and enjoy, and it is quite possible that neither of you will ever directly experience the joy and succor you both give to these kids and their families. I want to bridge that gap between the giver and beneficiary, and tell you that your efforts are appreciated in a way that no adjective or superlative can convey. Just as you may not ever get to see the impact that you make, often those of us on the other side never see the person who helped make such a wonderful experience possible.

    I have sat there at camp with other families, and felt in myself and seen in my child and family and in those of others, the unfiltered emotions that pour forth from the experience of the children getting to be normal for a few days, to go have fun with others like them, not to worry about their diagnosis or their handicap or their appearance, where a kid can be a kid. I spoke with a father at one of the camps, a mountain of a man who played offensive line for a major college football team, listening as he tried to explain through tears and choked words how his daughter, who shares my daughter's diagnosis, was his hero, and the toughest person he's ever known, letting it all go in the presence of others who understand, who live the same way every day. Camp lasts a few days and it lasts a lifetime, for the kids, their parents, and their siblings.

    From Paul Newman who helped to establish some of the Colorado Children's camps to you, William, who keep it going for people to whom it matters a lot, "Thank you."

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