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  1. Default Help Rod Repair!!

    About a year ago my dad was kayaking with my son and myself. Unfortunately he had an accident and he lost the rod over the side of the Kayak. We tried to snag it several times. Fast forward and almost a year later my son and I are fishing that same pond and my son snags it. I'm hoping I can clean it up and repair the cork. This was one of my dads favorite rods. It's nothing special its maybe a 90 dollar rod but he loved this rod.

    Should I take it some place and have the cork replaced? If so about what would that cost? Can I try to repair it myself? If so what would I use?

    I know mudhole sells a material that you can place over the cork and use a heat gun to shrink it on but as you can see in one of the pictures it looks like the reel seat itself has cork on the back part of the reel seat. Can I still use this? Was hoping to restore the cork look.

    Was hoping someone here would be able to help me out. Thanks so much! I attached files so you can see how bad the cork is.
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