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    Default Considering building a couple of rods.

    Got into flyfishing a few months ago and now have an itch to build a rod for my father for his birthday. I know that it will probably take a couple of rods to at least get relatively decent at it, so I am going to try and build a few for myself prior to tackling his.

    I already have a 5 weight, so I am thinking of building a 3 weight Freshwater and an 8 weight Saltwater for myself. Afterwards, I will make my father's 8 weight Saltwater.

    What consideration with regards to materials do I need to make when choosing for Freshwater vs Saltwater?

    Also, I know a couple of resources for materials, but any recommendations are always appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Considering building a couple of rods.

    Pablo, check with Justin at Allen Fly Fishing. Go to new posts and click on it and look for the Allen Fly Fishing Product discount. Or thumb through the pages here

    Justin's coming out with some blanks you might want to give a try. Then we can go from there.
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    Default Re: Considering building a couple of rods.

    Just wanted to see how you made out on your project? Get things going ok?

    Custom Rods You Can Afford to Fish

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    Default Re: Considering building a couple of rods.

    Planning on placing an order for blank/etc this week. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.


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    We'll let me know. Also hit me up if you have any questions. Id be glad to help you out!

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    Custom Rods You Can Afford to Fish

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