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    Hey y'all,
    I was wondering what you all thought of this.
    I am looking to buy a wrapper so I can start to build my own fly and spin cast rods. I just didn't know if you all had any suggestions when looking for a wrapper?

    I really want a power wrapper, but I didn't know if you could turn the rod by hand if you felt like it or if that would be bad on the motor? I really like this one. What do you guys think about it? I didn't know how the supports for the rod would work. I think that they would keep it more stable, but I didn't know.

    Also, I don't know how fast the thing will spin either. I don't really want something to go extra fast, I would like something to turn it about as fast as I can by hand, but just not have to worry about spinning it by hand. Just one less thing for me to think about, in my mind anyway.

    And one more thing. Has anybody used a power mixer for the finish? I think that would help me out a ton as well if they work like they say. I would think that they would work really good, and a lot better than I can mix anyway.
    Thanks in advance and sorry for so many more questions,

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    Hi HookEm
    I've built quite a few rods & I use a handmade wooden adjustable cradle. I spin the rod by hand & feel that I have a lot more control than if I had a motor drive.. It does not take that much spinning to put on the guides. If you do any diamond wraps, you'll want to change direction & go slowly. Unless you are going to build a lot of rods that's a lot of money better spent on good components or a reel.. I have an old grill rotisserie motor on a upright piece of wood & a few "V" notched uprights at the same height as the motor drive. I rest the wrapped blank on the uprights, start the blank spinning & apply the epoxy & keep it spinning until the epoxy has set up..
    That's just how I do it. I would try building one with a rig something like mine or even a notched cardboard box with the thread running thru a book for tension to see how easy it is...of course this IMHO
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    I might would start with a hand wrapper which is a heck of a lot cheaper until if you know if you like building rods. I have built approx 50-60 rods and still use a hand wrapper. I may upgrade at sometime but until then my hand wrapper works perfect. As Fishn50 said there is way more control with a hand wrapper, especially when first getting started.

    Also be careful because building rods can be an addiction just like anything. I love it and by building your own rods you will become anal retentive about how a rod is built. You will start to see factory imperfections that you never saw before.

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