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    Default Thinking of getting back into rod building, a few questions.

    I've only built a couple rods. I did it with just some basic instruction and they turned out pretty good from what I could tell.

    I'm thinking of going all in and getting a rod wrapper and dryer. I found what seems to be a good deal from Mudhole. I feel having a rod dryer is essential but a bit pricey for just making myself a few rods.

    RBS Hand Wrapping System with 9RPM Dryer [110V] |

    If I do this eventually I will want to sell my rods. For those of you who do sell your creations, how many did you build before you were confident in selling them?

    Where did you sell them? Through friends, on Craigslist, maybe consigned through the local fly shop?

    Do you have a basic formula for the price?

    How many rods are you selling in a year?

    I'm not looking to make a living doing this. I can see myself wanting to build at least 2-3 rods for myself. Then just do it as a hobby.

  2. Default Re: Thinking of getting back into rod building, a few questions.

    A rod dryer is a good idea. I am a hobby builder, and still use my home built rod wrapper, but after my 3rd rod bought a pac bay rod dryer, to help with finishing. I have built somewhere around 15-20 rods including rebuilds and repairs.

    If you plan on selling your rods in the future, you should also look into something that can help you make custom handles, as it will help bring out the custom rod flair. I have a couple of friends that are professional builders and both use facebook and instagram to advertise and show off their creations, and have customer contact them after seeing their work.

    Good luck, as rod building is a fun hobby, and has potential to make some decent side cash.

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    Default Re: Thinking of getting back into rod building, a few questions.

    Hi, Scott, I've only just seen your thread. Have you moved on at all with the building idea?

    I made my own rod turner with the turn table motor from a junk microwave oven. It was easy enough to do and cost nothing if you can find a dead oven, or the motors are pretty cheap on eBay. Let me know if you're interested how.
    I currently have only one but want to make at least one more. The result is clearly better (for me!) than hand turning produces. Once you're mixing up the epoxy you may as well do two sections and having the turner means that when done, one section can be left to turn automatically whilst you press on with another.

    I can't help with the business side but wish you every success.

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    Default Re: Thinking of getting back into rod building, a few questions.

    This is what I started with and built 35 rods with it . As far as selling them ? Unless you have a lot of friends or sell them for half of what it costs to build them good luck .

    CRB Hand Wrapper System HWS-1 |


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