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  1. Default Vintage bamboo rod restoration?

    A friend of mine inherited a well-used Montague "Deerfield" 6' bamboo rod. The rod seems serviceable, but the grip and reel seat need help. The cork needs replacing and the reel seat consists of nothing more than two metal bands to secure the reel to the rod.

    He would like the cork replaced and something upgraded with the reel seat. Can anyone recommend someone to do this restoration? He's in the Washington, DC area but could ship it if necessary.


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    Default Re: Vintage bamboo rod restoration?

    Hi jkratty,

    I see you didn't get any help from our rod guys. Here is a link that you can ask your question. They will know about your area or someone will help you. For small rods like your friends, the bands are common place. You may want to re-think changing them.


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    Thanks for the guidance!

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    Default Re: Vintage bamboo rod restoration?

    Some old rods are worth more if you don't restore them than if you do. Make sure of what you have there before doing anything to it.

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    Default Re: Vintage bamboo rod restoration?

    I can put you in touch with a fellow here in VA that can probably fix you up if you can't find anyone local. Shoot me a message on here and I can give you the info.

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    You can get some help here:


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