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Thread: Which rod?

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    Hi WD,

    Nothing wrong with going with the Redington but I would offer an alternative that might serve you better and longer for about the same cost. Take a look at Cabela's Stowaway 7 and Stowaway 5. Of the two, I prefer the 7 but that's because it has a very good action and, more importantly, breaks down into a little 16-inch package -- carry it anywhere. However, nothing wrong with the 5 except the package isn't as small.

    If you take to the sport and buy other rods, I doubt you will ever let this one go. It's versatility is hard to match except for lots more money. I have reviewed two in the past and will soon do another... If you've never delt with Cabela's, have no fear -- they back what the sell as well, if not better, than many manufacturers.

    If you don't like it, send it back...


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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCliff
    hard to say, I like a 9' 4wt for trout and a 8' 6wt for bass. I do think splitting the difference and getting an 8'6" 5wt would be a good idea. I'd get a Temple Fork rod. Sage is great too, but pricey.

    Here's their line-up:
    I would second that opinion for Temple Fork Rods. I personally have five of them and they are great. Also, the five rods cost me less then one Sage TCR and left enough money to get to the river. Check out the TICRX line. They are some of the finest casting rods I have ever had my hands on.
    All Means All

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