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Thread: Banboo Rods

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    I've always been infatuated with bamboo rods and finally found a decent one at a huge flee market. My questions is, does anybody else still use these and is there a place to purchase good used ones anywhere?

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    First, welcome. I'm not into bamboo rods YET. From what I know, there are many brands, models and tapers of these rods. The ones from old master rod makers are more expensive by far. Companies like Heddon and South Bend used to build more affordable rods in large quantities. The finish was not as fine as the others, although were and are still fishable. If you are able to post a description or better photos, there are people here better informed that could give you an opinion on your rod.


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    I fish Bamboo about 80% of the time. I like the way you can feel the cast with bamboo and just love the look of bamboo. Wth that said, there is a wide range of bamboo rods. if you lucked out and bought one that fishes well , you will love it. If you bought a piece of lumber it will in all likelyhood turn you off of bamboo. Chances are, if you bought at a flea market, you got one of the production rods from the 30's and 40's. Some, like Granger and some of the Heddon's are nice rods. Most, like the Montagues and HI's are pretty rough to fish and not very sensitive. I fish primarily a Granger made in the late 30's and a Phillipson made in the late 40's and both are a dream. I also fish a 7.5 noname bamboo that's pretty sweet, a bit faster than my Grangers and Phillipson.

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    Thank you for the welcome and info. The rod I bought is a Heddon and it does fish well. I used to admire the Orvis bamboo rods in the shops but dropping $1000.00 on one was and is out of the question. My graphite is nice but I too like the way the bamboo cast. Thanks again for the warm welcome!

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    New Orvis bamboo rods are very pricey. I just bought a 7' 4wt bamboo rod
    from maker Lew C. Parks (Michigan). He splits his own cane, etc, and offers
    them on ebay. The buy it now price is usually $889, but his reserve is almost
    always $600. I bought two by meeting his reserve of $600.

    There are many other individual makers offering bamboo rods in this price
    range, and used Orvis can be found in the $400-$600 range in very nice
    condition. Take a look at the forum for lots of bamboo

    I love the way my bamboo casts BTW! It looks stylin' as well .

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    Try the Jordon Mills Rod Company in, I believe, New City, New York. I'd also consider buying a used Orvis.


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    Default Re: Banboo Rods

    I've already fished with bamboo rods for a friend of mine has got some Pezon et Michel....and bought one a few months ago because I thought I had to have at least one in my life...but I can't make up my mind to use itI'm so in love with my Scotts

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