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    Default Advice for new rod

    ok currently I am using a 6wt and a 9wt orvis rods. Both belong to my father. I mainly use the 6 wt around here. The other day for kicks I went out and started looking at rods. Tried all types but really liked the action on sage launch and echo c2 (not sure if that was the model). Their both in my price range. Haven't started looking at reels. right now I'm using battenkills and really like them so I may go for this. Really looking to set up something that I can fish around indiana with but also go up to the bwca with. and really like a mid-fast action.

    My questions are 1. Has anyone heard of the echo? are they decent rods?

    I was thinking of going for a 7 wt because I may take it up to bwca and I'm thinking about getting into carp but am wondering if it would overkill on the smallies.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

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    NO, a 7wt wouldnt be overkill for smallies, it may be a little much for panfish and smaller trout though. Stick with the SAGE lol

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    Default Re: Advice for new rod

    Hi alcorn,

    The Sage Launch is a very good rod and it would be a good choice in the size you are looking at. The Echo is liked a lot by some members of NAFFF. Big Cliff likes them a lot.

    A seven weight is a very good choice for Smallies. The 6wt or 7wt will handle the Small Mouth but the 7wt will handle larger flies. So if you are fishing big bunny flies, or other heavy flies, then the 7wt would be a good choice. If you fish Buggers and other similar size of flies then the 6wt would be a good choice.


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    I'm also a big fan of Echo rods. I have an 8' 4wt Echo2 and absolutely love it. From Silver Creek to the Gunpowder, guides who otherwise deal in high-end Sage, Winston and Scott rods who've tried mine have been consistently impressed. For the price, I don't think you can find a better rod.

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