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Thread: Fathers Day trip to Cabelas

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    Default Fathers Day trip to Cabelas

    My wife and 3 kids took me to Cabelas for Fathers day! What a great time.
    I got a chance to check out the fly shop, and boy was I impressed with the TFO rods, particularly the proffessional series and the series 1. I was originally going to order a Orvis Clearwater II rod, but now I think I will get a TFO. Just cant decide between the series 1, and the professional, and torn between 3wt and 4wt. They appear to be great rods, with a great warranty, and a great price tag to boot.
    I compared actions with the TFO series 1, Sage Launch, St.Croix Avid. Being a beginner, maybe I shouldnt make any comparisons, but I didnt visibly notice much difference. The Launch maybe was a bit softer.
    I just need to wait for one more check from the PT job, and it will be time to order!

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    Default Re: Fathers Day trip to Cabelas

    Believe it or not I had the same question, The Cabelas by my house took all 3 rods out to their pond and lined them with Cabelas line and I was able to cast all 3... the 2 I had in my hand were the Sage and the TFO from casting it was very hard both wonderful action... I made my deal with the TFO cant get over the company warranty and Price it was the best Choice ever. Didnt want to damage the end of the fly rod buy the cabelas butt covers

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    Default Re: Fathers Day trip to Cabelas

    Hi Mnflyfish,

    Welcome to the forum. I would select the TFO Pro over the TFO Series 1. They are very fishable rods for a beginner. What will you be fishing for the most. Select that and then pick the rod weight that is most appropriate. I could have helped you better if you had your general location in your heading.


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    Default Re: Fathers Day trip to Cabelas

    I am in SE Minnesota, and will be fishing mainly for trout in small streams. I'm thinkin the 7'6" 3 wt would be a good rod for this, but at the same time a 8' 4 wt would work well too. 6" is not alot of difference imo, when you compare side to side.
    I have a 8' 5/6 Shakespreare that I think will work down on the Root river, throwin buggers and heavier streamers, and i wouldnt be afraid to take it to the mississippi.
    I do like the Pro over the Series 1. I like the looks, the feel, and I do like a 4 pc for easy transport. I wish it came with a rod tube though.
    I have a couple options as far as the combo package. at Cabelas, I can get the RLS reel w/ SA Mastery GPX line($250+s&h), or the Prestige (large arbor) w/same line($200+s&h).
    At, I can get the TFO Pro, a Redington CD reel, with Airflo wf floating line for $208.50. I think the CD reel is a mid arbor, and i do like the looks of it, and the moss finish looks good. But dont get me wrong, looks are a ways down the list.

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    Default Re: Fathers Day trip to Cabelas

    I guess on the other side of the spectrum throwing 9 to 11 weights at saltwater fish during my search for the best rod (for me) I did notice that the newer version TFO rods have a lot of fans out there.

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