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Thread: Greys X-Flite

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    I did a search and didn't find much in the way of opinions on the Greys X-Flite. Since it is being closed out, I figure I may not be the only on interested in a potential bargain.

    Does anyone have experience with the X-Flite?

    I did call Greys today, and explained that I am a beginner looking to fish for panfish. I asked about the Streamflex & X-Flite. The rep recommended the 9' 4wt. He thought the streamflex was slower and better for nymphs, whereas the X-flite would be better for dryflies that would attract bluegills. He suggested 9' over 8.5' for more distance in ponds. When I asked about feeling the line, he thought the 4 wt was heavy enough for a beginner.

    When I asked about the warranty, he discussed the $25 plus 10% of price per section. He actually offerred that the Streamflex & X-Flite were being closed out and that the 10% was based upon purchase price.

    I only had a couple minutes, but I thought I got a lot of information for a total of 3 minutes on the line. He was very proactive in trying to read my situation. I was very pleased with the customer service.


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    Hi leon,

    I have not seen any of the Grey's rods. Although I do have a Hardy Marksman that is a very nice rod but a higher grade.

    My thoughts on the X-Flite.

    1. If you are just going to be fishing for Blue Gill you might even consider a 3wt.

    2. The X-Flight has a full Wells grip and a fighting butt. This tells me the rod was designed with heavier fish in mind. Nothing wrong with either one but not really needed on a Gill rod.

    3. There may be other choices out there that would be a better Gill rod. I don't mean to say the X-Flite is not a good rod but another rod may be more suited as a Gill rod. You might post a thread asking for suggestions for a good Blue Gill rod. We have a lot of members that fish for Blue Gill.


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    Thanks Frank,

    I figure a TFO Pro is probably my safest bet for a starter rod, but the Yankee in me doesn't want to pass up a bargain deal. The word "closeout" always gets my attention. The guys on the UK forums seem to like the X-Flites, so I figured I'd ask.

    3 wt does sound fun, so long as I can master it

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    The X Flite is being closed out because the series is being updated. I don't see any red flags in that. They are still covered under warranty, and Greys is a huge company (the biggest fishing tackle company in Europe-bigger than Shimano, Berkley, etc.) so they're not going anywhere. And since Hardy bought them they have the benefit of real passionate fly rod designers working on their product. They are all four piece rods and come with cases, and are way nicer finished than the TFO pro (a lower price point rod at retail) which is much more comparable to a Grays GS.

    They do not have fighting butts and full wells grips on the 3-5 weight sizes, only the longer and bigger rods.

    I would not recommend a 3 weight for Bluegill. On larger lakes and windier days some of the bigger bluegill bugs will be a pain to cast on a 3. A four or larger would make more since. Plus a 4 or 5 weight will be much more versatile for a beginner to do other stuff with than a three.

    The X Flites are real nice rods, I actually like the older closed out model better (in trout sizes) then the new one. The blank on the new one is a bit faster, but the wood real seat and hardware looked nicer on the older one. At the close out prices they went real fast (wholesale) so their are some great deals out their on them.

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    Thanks for the info, I didn't realize that Greys was that big. It's also good to hear that they are well finished.

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