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    Default Re: opinions on Sage Xi2 & winston boron llx

    While we're on the subject of the BIIx rods, the soft tip is what sold me on them!
    A wiggle in the store doesn't do that series one bit of justice. Using the new heavy lines like Rio Grand or SA GPX don't work well on them either. They are true weight rods that don't require a heavy line crutch to make them work.
    My first cast with a BIIx was in the 20' range. It worked so well I just knew it couldn't throw far. Boy was I wrong! That soft tip just gets out of the way when it's not needed for short work and lets the meaty, beefy sections of the rod take over as needed.
    Granted, I'm not calling them the best rods for shooting heads and full sinking lines, but for all around range capability, one BIIx does well what it takes a few rods of other manufacturers to do... in my hands anyhow.

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    Default Re: opinions on Sage Xi2 & winston boron llx

    wow you guys make this hard but lots of inside info on the feel of these rods.. wednesday's afternoon is when we meet up at the shop before heading out to fish the cape into the night so hopefully I'll have time to cast a few different rods if I get there early enough and then have my new rod by the time we get to the water..

    I'll post up which one I got,,,,, thanks again for the posts!

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    Default Re: opinions on Sage Xi2 & winston boron llx

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
    The BIIMx would have been the better choice over the standard BIIx.
    Neither the BIIMX nor the Helios were on the market when I did my test casts.

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    I haven't had the opportunity to throw the MX, but in "wiggle tests" it appears to be a much faster rod then the B IIx. I owned a B IIX and while I found it a great rod with floating line in normal conditions. I did not like it all with any kind of sinking lines or in high winds. I'm personally not a big fan of most Sages due to the lack of feel, but it appears they've dialed back the Z-axis a bit from their other rods and it would probably be worth looking at along with the B IIMX. Another rod worth considering for a power rod with feel are the discontinued Winston XTR's (their heavy, but I love the way they cast) and the old Scott STS (which they are making a limited run of this year). Both of them seem to have reel good feel with power. If your going to drop down in price points and look at the TFO, I would suggest you also check out the Diamondback Flawless (disclaimer:I rep them), they are the real deal, lot's of reserve power, light and smooth casters.

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    I think a BIIMX would be the rod your talking about, the Sage Xi2 has very little feel, its a good rod, but if feel is what your after with a fast action, the new winston BIIMX is great.

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    I recently purchased (via Craigslist & eBay) two Sage Xi2's, an 8 wt and 9 wt respectively. With the 9 wt being a back-up rod, I used the 8 wt. almost exclusiveely on a trip to Ascension Bay in Mexico. It proved to be just outstanding. I caught many, many bonefish, my first tarpon (only 5 lbs.), a snook, and host of other fish and the rod performed beautifully. Though I too am curious about the Biix, I purchased the rod that my local shop owner (a big time salt water and tarpon fisherman) uses, the Sage Xi2. Other saltwater guys I know said that they see very few Winstons being used for salt water.

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