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    Default Re: Looking for a 3wt, any advice?

    I have a Greys GS2 -- 7'6", 3wt-- that I am happy with. They sell on ebay from about 100 to 115. Certainly worth looking at if local shop stocks them...

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    Default Re: Looking for a 3wt, any advice?

    I've got a 8'6" 3wt TFO Pro that I REALLY enjoy. I'm not a huge fan of most of the TFO Pro series, but that one is a gem.

    Its pretty powerful for a 3wt, yet still light and delicate. It also fishes quite well with a 4wt line when you know you'll only be casting 30' or less.

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    Default Re: Looking for a 3wt, any advice?

    Hi i_throw_bugs,

    I think you will be hard pressed to find a better three weight than the Redington CT. They have a 7'6" and a 8'6" length. A four piece rod with a tube for $149. Take a look here.

    Redington Classic Trout

  4. Default Re: Looking for a 3wt, any advice?

    Here is a very non-partizon review of 2 weights that you might find interesting. As a result of this review I bought a 7' 3wt st croix imperial for those size 24 or so tricos and BWO on the Gunpowder River (not real big). If has been a dream

    The Great 2-Weight Fly Rod Shoot-Out Review Summary by Fly Fish Ohio

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    Default Re: Looking for a 3wt, any advice?

    Cabelas has a 3 wt fiberglass rod they are selling for $100. I have heard some good things about this rod if you like glass


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    Default Re: Looking for a 3wt, any advice?

    Thanks for the input everyone! You gave me some great ideas, I just need to start casting some of these before I make a decision. I really appreciate the suggestions!

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    Default Re: Looking for a 3wt, any advice?

    Just posted the below response on bubbaman44's thread. Pardon the copy and paste, but it sounds as though it's relevant to your thread, too:

    I started a thread about a LaCrosse 7' 2-wt here, which I fitted with a Martin 61 click and pawl reel I picked up at the flea market for $3: LaCrosse Custom Rods 7' 2-wt review

    I'm sure their 3-wt would perform about the same and can be had for under $70. I really like the action on these rods (the Axis II model) as it's more relaxed and FAR better suited to working in close with tiny flies and near-microscopic tippets. I've not fished it yet but initial lawn tests indicate it's not only a keeper, but a rod I'll purchase in other sizes, too. Nothing particularly exceptional about this rod but all aspects of it were surprisingly nice, as if I'd bought a stolen rod! The cork appears to be too high-grade for the price, and the windings are spot-on and well finished. Even the reel seat looks and functions like a solid mid-grade offering.

    These rods can be found on the big auction site, via a search here, or contact Bob direct at Badger Custom Tackle. PM me if you'd like his email. While the rods aren't listed on Badger's website, they seem able to get all the available sizes and offer exceptional shipping rates.

    So many manufacturers seem to be obsessed with action speed these days. I handled a Redington Crosswater+ combo the other day (9' 5-wt) and it had very little action to it. It had all the "give" of an average broom handle, which holds almost no appeal for me. An earlier model I'd cast some months ago was wispy and had excellent feel for a rod at this price point. In all fairness to Redington, I think the early model was just a plain Crosswater, with the new one being designated a "+" model.
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  8. Default Re: Looking for a 3wt, any advice?

    I think I'll be the fourth person to recommend a Redington Classic Trout (CT), but it is a great rod, moderate action like others have said. A nice smooth casting rod. Just ordered one for myself after casting a friends for a day.

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    I bough a St Croix legend Ultra on E aby for $200 7ft 9 inch 4 piece with warranty.
    put it with a Galvan Standard 2.5 for $125 on e bay almost new.
    look on e bay for used rods and you will find something within a couple of months that will exceed a new rod and reel in your retail price range.

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    Default Re: Looking for a 3wt, any advice?

    I've got an almost new Sage TXL 370-3 if you are interested 7' 3wt. 3 piece
    I'll send photos if you want .
    Drop me a PM if interested....Bob

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