I have fished an 8'8" G2 5 weight for the past year, and it has become my favorite fly rod for small-medium streams. I use it mostly for dry fly work, but it handles dry-dropper combos well. It is delicate and accurate, but also has some backbone if you need it. About the only thing I don't use it for is if I know I am going to be chunking some lead, like fishing nymph combos or streamers in swift/deeper water. It is really quite versatile and a blast to fish with. I personally like the cosmetics with the unsanded blank, and subtle colors.

I have not fished the 3 weight G2, but do have a 3 weight F-series fiberglass Scott in a 7' length that is a lot of fun. This one has taken some time to learn to fish with and can't be overpowered. If you relax and let the rod do the work, it is surprisingly powerful and delicate. This is my small creek rod, and I fish small dries to native cutthroat with it effortlessly.