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Thread: Diamondback VSR

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    I recently came across a deeply discounted discontinued 4 wt Diamondback VSR fly rod. It seems to have been marketed as having a fast action. Does anyone have any experience with this line of rods?

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    I'm looking to sell a Diamondback VSR 865 2-piece. I'm curious what price they were asking for this rod. I'd like to know what fiar market value is for this item. The rod is in like-new condition if that helps you gauge it against the rod you had looked at last year.

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    The rod was 9 ft 4 wt (2 piece configuration) that was selling new for $140. These rods retailed for $239 I believe before closeout.

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    I have a few Diamondback Aeroflex rods. They are made from DGS900 graphite, and the VSR rods are DGS800. I've also owned Diamondback's
    Americana rods, and they are DGS700. The Aeroflex is most definitely a fast
    rod, but not so stiff that it's not a joy to cast, in close and out far. Kind of
    like a Z-Axis. The Americana is more on the moderate side, but still leaning
    slightly toward mod-fast...slightly. I can only imagine that the VSR is
    going to be a mod-fast rod, if only because of its higher modulus.

    I've just carried the lap top to my lair, and have the Diamondback catalog in hand. The VSR is described as fast action, good for in close and out far. DGS800 graphite translates into a modulus of 42 million, and the catalog's chart shows the Aeroflex and VSR as both being "Fast" (they do have a Very Fast
    rating, but that's reserved for saltwater Aeroflex rods). The VSR904 2PC is described as: Light and easy loading for quick presentations. Great for spring creeks and flatwater. 2.7oz (2pc).

    That's a LIGHT rod, and my Aeroflex rods all weigh what the catalog claims.

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