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    Default cabelas 3-forks rods

    any opinions on them? I found a 9' 5# in the barrel at cabelas bargain cave for 15 bucks so far the 3 medalist reels I had laying around won't fit into the reel seat or under the little lip that sticks up---> wondering if thats why it was there but the rod feels pretty good when checking the action considering I never threw a 5# line.

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    Default Re: cabelas 3-forks rods

    I just started fly fishing earlier this summer, and the Cabelas three forks rod is what I ended up going with. Having never had anything else, I'd say it has never disappointed me. I find myself thinking about an upgrade in the next year or two, but for 15 bucks you can't lose. Also, mine is a six weight so they are fairly close. Good luck.

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    Have had a couple of those rods over the years and still have one. For what they are, thye are good rods. For 15 bucks I would go buy another and put in the closet for a spare, or to get someone else into fly fishing with you. Never had a problem with reels not fitting in the reel sets. Are the reels you have made to handle a 5-6 wt line? If they are made for bigger line that may be the trouble.

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    Default Re: cabelas 3-forks rods

    Assuming that you went to a Cabelas store, try some of reels they have
    in the store. If they fit, the rod's a winner for $15.

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    Default Re: cabelas 3-forks rods

    thanks and I think your right about the cabelas reel because out of 5 reels I have here nothign with fit in the reel seat.

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    I have that same rod, with the prestige plus reel ($30 at cabelas) and it's done really well for me so far, I'm pretty new as well. Everyonce in awhile you see one of the prestige, or cahil cabelas reels pop across ebay for really cheap.

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