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  1. Default graphite vs. bamboo

    I have used several graphite rods now, and just bought a Orvis #4 & #6 and a Winston #5 line bamboo rods. Are these safe to use on the same size fish, etc? What do you find is the main difference between bamboo and graphite regarding performance? They are beautiful rods...

    Second question is what is the typical use for a 00 line rod, or a #2 rod? Seems like even the smallest fish would break them...


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    of course they are. they are just slower casting, heavier, and much, much prettier. I've use a 2 wgt for years on small streams in the East, never used a 00 but I've not broken the 2.

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    Default Re: graphite vs. bamboo

    Yup. The only difference is that if you break a tip on bamboo, they don't
    have the lifetime warranty that most graphite rods have. Bamboo bends
    deep into the middle, and down into the butt section, so you'd really have
    to put some pressure on a fish to bend the bamboo beyond the point of
    no return. I haven't been able to do that with my 4wt bamboo rod, and
    have caught some decent size fish with it. With bigger fish, I'd use a net
    instead of risking the fish making a run behind you that would put a deep
    bend in the rod. I've heard that a deep bend can put a set in a bamboo
    rod section, but I haven't seen that with my bamboo rod. It's no big deal if
    you do get a set, as they can be straightened.

    You might want to take a look at this site:
    It's pretty much all bamboo.

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