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    Default St. Croix Legend Ultra ---

    I've been offered a gently used St. Croix Legend Ultra 9 foot, 9 wt. model UF909 at an attractive price. This is the older model legend (the new one is U909). Can anyone comment on the performance and quality of this rod? I understand it is a fairly fast rod. An estimated value would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have one in a 4 weight. 2002 if I recall correctly. I bought it used for less than $200.00. You can date the rod by the serial number. St Croix started doing this in 2001 so if the serial number begins with an A it is a 2001, B=2002, etc. At some point St Croix took the same technology (IPC and ART) used in the Elite and brought it to the UIltra. I am sure that was after mine was made but I do not know the uear. That might influence the used value. Good luck.

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    Depends on what you are used to. The Legend Ultra is a fast action rod. I had on in 2wt. Loved to cast it, but sold it because I do dumb things sometimes. I'd love to have one in 5wt.
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    Default Re: St. Croix Legend Ultra ---

    Quote Originally Posted by dhaynes View Post
    An estimated value would be greatly appreciated.
    A used rod in the updated (u909) would sell on e-bay for 150-200. I have seen some of the UF models sell for 100-125.

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    Default Re: St. Croix Legend Ultra ---

    Can't speak to 'value,' following (as noted above) e-bay is a good bet even if it's a closed auction.

    As for the rod, I have the 8wt version of that stick and it's my 'go to' winter single hander for Steelhead. As a norm I'm a 2-hander guy, but there are times/places you really do need to use heavy sink tip lines (Teeney nymph things); the 8wt is a 'rocket launcher' with heads up to 400 grains.

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    I have the seven-weight. FAST rod. Great for bass and saltwater fishing. If you're looking for a softer tip for steelhead fishing I'd stay away.

    I believe in the St. Croix technology. I've never had such a fast rod at any price that is such a pleasure to cast.


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