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Thread: First Impression - Scott S4S 10 weight

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    Default First Impression - Scott S4S 10 weight

    The Scott rep dropped by the shop to show off some new product yesterday. He let me cast his 9 foot 10 weight Scott S4S rod.

    The S4S is the latest addition to the Scott line up. It is the "power" series of the Scott's saltwater rods. It still has the X2S series which is a more user friendly saltwater rod.

    The 10 weight model is a great utility rod for saltwater, as well as, for freshwater. Down in Baja, the 10 weight makes a great Dorado and Roosterfish rod. In the Yucatan, it makes for a great stick for Tarpon except for the largest ones. In Alaska, it makes a great King Salmon rod. For coastal waters, 10 weights are popular for Striped Bass.

    Yesterday was a gusty day. Perfect day for testing a saltwater rod. My first notice was that the rod felt lighter than previous generations of saltwater rods. That's probably due to a newer blank technology. When I picked the line off the parking lot, it zinged behind me quickly. When I did my final shoot into the wind, the line it shot through like a bullet. I could feel the line tighten up as it pulled on the reel. Just for fun, I stripped all the line out plus 10 feet of backing. After a few shoots, I never got the whole line out, but I know I could do that. The backing always tangled up before the backing knot made out the tip top. The butt section seemed plenty stiff. I'm sure that it will make for some good lifting strength.

    My first impression is that this is the rod that Scott has needed since discontinuing the S3S saltwater rods. It is has become lighter (which is a trend in the industry), but it still has plenty of power. The rod is much faster than the X2S which makes it great for guys who have faster strokes. The rod has plenty of punch to cut through the wind.

    On another note, Scott plans on bringing the 8'8" lengths for 8, 10, and 12 weight S4S models for mid to late 2010. Many anglers prefer these shorter lengths for two reasons: 1) quicker pick up and shoot and 2) more butt strength.

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    Default Re: First Impression - Scott S4S 10 weight

    Thanks for a good review. Sounds like Scott has another winner.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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