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    I just started fly fishing last year, and after some research I ended up with a TFO Finesse 8'9" 4wt which I love and has been perfect for me here in NC. However, I have found that I have difficulty casting tandem nymph/indicator rigs and big "buggers" any great distance. I realize that this is partially due to it being a 4wt and partially due to ME (decent caster, not an expert). I hope to get a 5wt soon (hoping to somewhat cure my distance/big bug issue), but since I purchased the TFO, I have found the St. Croix Avid series which seems to be "slightly faster" but not "Sage Fast" which I'm not a fan of. I've cast several rods and found that med-med/fast actions suit me better. Am I correct in thinking that a "line up" and a "slightly faster" rod is what I'm after? Would you guys recommend a 5wt? I think a 6wt might be a a but much for the small-med waters. Perhaps, I am wrong. Also, are there any other moderate price, med-mad/fast action rods that I should consider? I'm not yet willing to drop $300+ on a rod... Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

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    Hi fly84,

    The TFO Finesse is a slower action rod and you might consider a TFO Pro. The Avid is a very popular rod and well priced. You might also consider the Redington Classic Trout. The Redington CT has been well accepted by many on this forum. The action would be close to the TFO Finesse.

    As to your comments about distance. If you can cast a multiple nymph setup to 40 feet than that is all you need. A nymphing technique requires a good dead drift and with a longer cast that is much harder to achieve. You problem is the slow action and 4wt rod. I don't want any nymph rod less than a 5wt. Since you already have a 4wt then a 6wt would be a reasonable next rod.


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    Default Re: Rod Advice (I know... I know...)

    Your TFO Finesse was designed as a dry fly and soft hackle wet fly presentation rod first and everything else second. What you are experiencing with your nymphing hardware and streamer issues doesn't surprise me.

    From what I am reading is that you are looking for a good general purpose rod. Your logic from going to from your four weight to a five weight makes sense. If you are fishing small to medium waters, a five weight should do what you need to do. If you want to expand your horizons as in big water, the six would be the better choice. In regards to a quicker action, if you can cast it comfortably, go for it.

    Since you have already tested rods, I'll refrain from making recommendations. There's probably a winner in that batch for you.


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    If your fishing bigger water with nymph indicator rigs you might consider looking at one of the 10 foot or 11 foot five or four weights on the market. I'm familiar with both the Greys Streamflex at around $300 and the Cortland Brook at $199. Once you've used the 10 footers on indicators, you'll really love them. You can make huge roll casts, mending is easier, and you have far more line control, plus if you hook a screamer, you can control them a bit easier too.

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    Default Re: Rod Advice (I know... I know...)

    do an ebay search for "sage launch". it may fit your needs perfectly and can be found for less than 200. i have a 9' 6 weight and love it. great rod, if not the best, for under 200. you will not be disappointed.



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