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    Default New Hardy and Greys gear for 2010...

    Not sure if anyone's interested, however Hardy and Greys are launching several new rod ranges in 2010, plus a new reel.

    From Hardy the new Uniqua rod and reel series look to be a sure-fire winners, especially with the lower price tag to complement the Demon series.

    Greys are launching a new GRXi+ range, along with the GS and GS2 series, the latter two are undoubtedly being launched to replace the very popular G-series. Unusually these rods are being launched as four-piece models, presumably to compete with rods on the US market (i.e St Croix and lower-end Sages).

    More info can be found on the Hardy & Greys website. I'll be testing one of the new Uniqua rods when they are released so if anyone's interested I'll submit a review.

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    Default Re: New Hardy and Greys gear for 2010...

    I believe your review of the rood would be interesting Luke, I'll watch for it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    I believe your review of the rood would be interesting Luke, I'll watch for it.

    I hope it's more insightful than Terry Lawton's review of a classic 9' #5 4pc.! He was openly biased and favours fast action high tech graphite rods. His review failed to mention the line and reel he tested the rod with. This made me wonder if the rig was even balanced. He certainly complained about the rod's weight. Based on his comments, I'll assume the rig wasn't balanced. The only thing the review did for me was prove the reviewer's biased.
    I own and fish a new 7' #3 Hardy "Stream". IMO: nice rod. Mr. Lawton you'll likely never understand why someone would want a slower graphite rod. I will guess you'd be even less likely to appreciate the properties of a glass rod! You'd likely go cross-eyed staring down your nose at it. Your loss, Mr Lawton. Odds are you're dragging fish across the water once you hook them. You probably don't fish flies tied on #26 hooks or smaller with 8X much either. There's something to be said for being able to feel the rod flex! I've landed some really nice trout with 7X and 8X that I'm certain would've broken you off.

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