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    I am buying a new rod and wanted to know if I should get a reddington redfly or a tfo pro series.I have casted them both and they both feel great.I want to get a 4pc 9foot 5wt rod.I also wanted to know if one of the rods actions is better for nymphing.

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    Hi flymike,

    Those are two good rods. The TFO was a great buy at $129 but it has creped up to $149 and they still don't include a tube. The Redfly is a fine rod and the same price as the TFO and includes a tube.

    The Redfly may be a little bit faster than the TFO. For that reason I would take the Redfly with a GPX or Nymph fly line. I could be a happy camper with either rod. If you don't have a preference from casting or looks, then get the Redfly with a tube.


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    thanks for the input frank I did not catch that the tfo did not come with a tube.I was also looking at the rs4 and wanted to know if its worth the extra $40.00 or if I should stick with the redfly.

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    The RS4 is intended for more of an intermediate angler and the RedFly for beginners. You know better than we do which of those you fall in to. The RS4 will have a bit faster action and better components and might be harder for you to "grow out of". Then again, if you're used to a slower action rod, the RedFly might be a better fit.

    Both TFO and Redington have great warranties and make great rods for the money. Getting a tube is a definite plus. You might look into buying from, as they do package deals with a line and reel that add still more value.

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