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Thread: Ross Worldwide?

  1. Default Ross Worldwide?

    Any thoughts on the Ross Worldwide Essence rods? Been comparing them to TFO as possible choices for next purchase. I'm leaning toward the TFO Professional Lefty Kreh or the Worldwide FW,with the FW in the lead at the moment. Looking at the 9' 5 wt in either for basic stream trout fishing. Thanks all,R.J.

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    I just picked one up myself and i must say it has become my favorite fly rod. I cannot believe how much you get for the money with a ross. They all have lifetime warrantees too which is totally awesome. Its crazy to think that i like a 125 dollar rod more than some that i paid 500 for but honestly...i do. Ross makes great rods!

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    Thanks for the input db. I wish there was more in the budget for a high end American made rig,but there isn't. Especially when you consider the reel,line and backing along with the price of the rod. Oh I can,and have switched a reel back and forth from rod to rod, but don't really care for it. I picked up my first Allen this spring and love it. Justin puts out a fine product for sure. Not to mention he makes it easy to pick up a reel for each rod as well. I can see one in the works for the next rod purchase. I think I'll be pleased with the Ross. I hope to order it in the next couple days and be ready to rock and roll for regular season here.

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    No experience with the Essence, but my FlyStik is a great rod.

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    2 of the really knowledgeable clerks at Cabela's both told me the Ross Essence is a outstanding rod and great bargain. Both own high end Sage and Winston.

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    I just picked up a Ross Essence FS which is their lowest end rod. I honestly like the rod better than my St. Croix's, Sage's, and Orvis rods. No I'm not kidding. It is the smoothest casting rod i have ever used. Not fancy but i honestly like the aluminum reel seat and the rod is very well put together. The Cabelas and Bass pro website list a one year warranty however Ross's website lists a lifetime. I called Ross prior to my purchase and every rod they sell does in fact have a lifetime warranty with a locked in $30 replacement cost. Ross's reputation for good customer service goes back a long time and I'm sure there rods are no different. I'm my humble but honest opinion Ross rods are the best kept secret in fly fishing. No wonder 3M was so quick to buy them
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    I have a Ross Essence FS 8' 6" 3wt and it is a sweet rod. I've been using it for gills and trout and really like it... The first fish I got on it was a 16 LMB that decided he just had to eat that spider...


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    Pulled the trigger and ordered an FW this evening. 9' 5wt. I hope to have it spooled up and ready to go for a trip up north in a couple weeks .

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    Adams14, have you received your rod yet? Gotten to cast it?

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    Yes I have. Been on the water 3 times now with it. Nymphing mainly. I haven't purchased a new rod since back around 2000. I gotta say things have come a long way. The "feel" or sensitivity is worlds better than my previous rods. I'm amazed at how much I can feel with it. Very nice! Casting is accurate and smooth. It actually lifts better than I expected. I'm pleased with it.

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