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Thread: Help with this rode! Please just tell me what you think

  1. Default Help with this rode! Please just tell me what you think

    I bought one rode like this:

    Martin "Caddis" Creek Fly combo (CC65 Reel & CC65 rod). It is weighted for 6-8 pound line.
    CC56 Single Action/ Rim controlled Fly Reel
    9' 5/6 2 Piece Rod

    Its a really big rode and really flexible ... I would like to know if it's going to be good to fish TROUTS..
    I use to fish at colorado mountains streams and lakes..
    Do you guys think it was a good choice for trouts or what??

    Thanks for the answers

  2. Default Re: Help with this rode! Please just tell me what you think

    Hey... Welcome to the forum.

    Now, to your question. First of all, unless I'm reading it wrong, we have some conflicting information. You say the rod is weighted for 6-8 line... I'm not sure what that means. Then you say the rod is a 5/6 which make more sense to me. So, I would guess that its a rod designed to cast 5-6wt fly lines.

    Now, is it a good rod for trout? The answer is ... "yes, but". What does this mean? That rod will catch plenty of trout. A 5wt or a 6wt fly rod is a very good overall rod far many fly fishing applications. The only concern that I have is its long distance castibility and its accuracy. It should handle all of your short casts just fine if the line is of a decent quality (which I have my doubts). Depending on how good the fly line is... in combination with that particular rod may cause some casting problems. It also depends upon your casting skills. If you take an inexpensive rod with a lower quality flyline... a skilled fly caster can usually make it work. But for someone who has yet to develop sound casting skills... casting may prove to be difficult.

    Many, many times I've seen the scenario where someone buys a very inexpensive outfit because they're not sure if they'll like fly fishing or not. Then they have trouble learning to cast because the combo is not an easy outfit to learn on. Then they become frustrated and lose interest. So, my advice is to always purchase as nice of an outfit as you can afford, keeping in mind the rod and fly line are the two most important components. A good fly rod will shorten your learning curve and make casting much more enjoyable. I would not recommend spending less than $100 on an outfit... you really do get what you pay for most of the time.

    Now, please don't misunderstand me, I am not saying your casting skill are poor since i don't know you. I don't know how new you are to this. But I do know this... a $20 combo is a cheap outfit and will take some getting used to. But... it will catch fish.

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