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  1. Default TFO 7'6" 4pc TiCrX 6 and 8 wt rods

    Very excited about this new rod design. Not yet catalogued, but on website. Have one of each. Fulfills need for a short saltwater design especially for getting into tight spots and paddle fishing where a long rod is usually not needed. Of course can be used for freshwater applications. Casts like a dream. Those of us that have fished small trout streams where overhangs and undercuts are fish attractors know that the same is true in a lot of saltwater environs. I use my solo canoe and kayak to access areas that my flats boat can't negotiate. A nine foot fly rod or two is a real pain to drag around. Casting under docks, mangroves and other tight obstacles is improved with a shorter rod. I'd be interested in any feedback...

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    Default Re: TFO 7'6" 4pc TiCrX 6 and 8 wt rods

    I've got a 7'6" 8/9/10wt rod you might love Pat. I built it up from a 7'6" GL2 popping rod blank and put a grip on it with sliding rings to work both as a fly or spin rod. The 8wt line barely loads the thing, I bet with a 9wt on it it would make a great snook rod. With the big spinning rings on it it shoots line like crazy though. Going from 30' to 100' with one false cast and 2 good hauls is very doable. Only drawback is its a 2 pc rod.

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