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    Default Re: tfo signature rods

    I think full disclosure is great info for shoppers. A rod is a big investment, (whether a beginner spending $150. or a seasoned angler throwing down $700. +)
    Personally/professionally, I've fished Sage for thirty plus years. Made the transition to fast rods long ago, and use all the speed I can get. They throw a nice loop, but weight is the real issue. For me, lighter is better. (Means I feel like fishing longer.) I think the Launch fishes, but the VT2 is a little sweeter because of this. Some Reddingtons are a value too.
    I try to cast my clients rods, and so "field tested" a few TFO's.
    Lefty's version casts fine but what I loved was the flat finish. Many times I've seen rods "flash" in the right light. I'm pretty sure we scare fish, not just rod movement, but with gloss finish as well. Wish all manufactures would follow suit on at least one model. Granted, it isn't as pretty, but may catch more fish.
    I thought the Ross rod cast well but was challenged a bit when heavier weight/water nymphing. (Which we do a bunch of locally.)
    I encounter lots of people "trying" to nymph with soft-med action dry fly rods. It makes a challenging task, even more so. A stiffer faster rod might require you to dial back power to present a dry gently, but can sling a bobber, several AB shot, and 2-3 weighted flies. Consider what you will do the most.
    I still fish my first Sage. What is $330. averaged over thirty years?
    I think a rod is a pretty good investment in fun, "if" you end up liking it.
    If you are serious about shopping for a rod, a guide service usually provides rods, quiz them on make(ers) and models they use.
    A couple of hours on water can tell much. In my opinion, grass casting isn't even close to reality, especially, for those transitioning to a switch.
    I hate buying a pig in a poke. So can't imagine buying a rod without using it on water first. Hope some of this helps.
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    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Default Re: tfo signature rods

    I have the Lefty Kreh TiCRx series 8 weight rod. I know your question was on the signature. I fished this rod all last year throwing 10 pike flies on an 9 weight pike taper. I can out cast guys with more expensive rods. The quality for the price is very nice. I looked at three or four rods at the time, but this seemed to suit my cast better. I am a very satisfied customer and would purchase this rod again in other weights if my fishing deemed the need.

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    Default Re: tfo signature rods

    TFO rods rock... hands down

  4. Smile Re: tfo signature rods

    I recently went to my local fly shop to take a look at 4 wt rods, but decided to try a seemingly light 5. Although I have several expensive rods, I am somewhat anxious to cary them into rough surroundings. I shook several rods in the shop, but went outside to cast a few. It was a very windy day and i am somewhat of a novice caster. I tried several TFO rods, and I wound up taking home a TFO Professional Series II 5wt, 9ft. The feel when I wiggled it did not seem nearly as appealing as the higher priced rods. It did not seem as sensitive, and generally felt heavier (although the actual weight is too close to call). However, it seriously outcast the others with regard to distance and casting comfort, and seemed to suite my casting style much better. Literature indicates that it will pick up line off the water better than many of the more expensive rods as well. As a bonus, it was economical and has one of the best warranties in the business.

    Bottom line-- If it costs less and cast better, why not try it.

  5. Default Re: tfo signature rods

    Not to hijack the thread but what are the main differences between the Signature, Professional, and BVK? Is it mostly cosmetics?

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