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  1. Default Anyone own a 9' 4 weight St Croix Avid ?

    Have an oppty to buy Avid 4 weight....the last thing I need is another 4 weight....I have two 7 1/2 ft 4 wts (Sage Fli, Redington CPS) 8 ft 4wt (Sage Launch)....and a few wonderful 9 ft 5 weights (Redington cps, Sage XP, TFO Ticr).....they all cast like magic wands in my opinion - perfect. However - I was thinking it would be nice to have a longer 4 weight for smaller dry presentations on larger rivers/pools - on days the wind is not an issue. Just wondering if anyone has the 9 ft 4 wt Avid - and their thoughts/opinions....I'm also thinking about the 8 1/2 foot....makes it a little easier if I want to use it on some more moderate/ mid sized streams. Of all my rods the launch probably has the most modest action...and that is moderate fast - same as the Avid is described.

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    Default Re: Anyone own a 9' 4 weight St Croix Avid ?

    I had a 9' 5wt Avid (IPC). It's fine, and definitely not fast. I have too many
    4wt's, but have been thinking of a 9' 4wt as well. My wife and I used the
    5wt Avid quite a bit, catching quite a number of smallmouth on it. Sensitive,
    supple, and enough power to toss some line. Cosmetics were very nice, and
    the matte canteen finish always looked good.

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