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    Default Help please: 8.5' 3wt or 9' 4wt?

    Looking for new 3wt to fish rocky mountain national park streams. I do 90% nymphing and 10% dries. 90% of casts <50'. I need help b/c I thought I was looking for a 9' 3wt, but don't seem to find all that many manufacturers that make a 9' 3wt. Certainly some there, but many don't have 3wt lengths beyond 8.5'.

    Is there a reason for this? Now I'm wondering if I should look for 9' 4wt (more selection) or I stick with 3wt search and likely end up with 8.5'. I was originally looking for 3wt b/c 4 wt seemed too close to 5wt. I have a 9' 5wt loomis streamdance that I really like, but it just overpowers most of the smaller trout I catch in RMNP. I have a 7.5' 3wt that was great for small streams in VA (overhanging trees), but not enough reach for RMNP.

    Hopefully this makes sense...thanks in advance for any input to get me started on my search.


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    Default Re: Help please: 8.5' 3wt or 9' 4wt?

    I'd get a 9' 4wt for nymphing. Weighted nymphs and indicators can get to be
    a bit much with any sort of wind, and I can't imagine anything less than a 4wt
    working well in all conditions. If you'd like to see your rod bend (who wouldn't? ), take a look at any of the rods rated as medium or med-fast.
    I have a 5wt Z-Axis, and it's funny to see a 8" crappie put a nice bend in its tip.

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    Default Re: Help please: 8.5' 3wt or 9' 4wt?

    The industry does not make many 9 foot 3 weight rods because most people use them as creeking rods. I know of only two rods commercially available in that configuration. Those are the Sage Z-Axis and the Greys Streamflex. Actually the Greys Streamflex is available in a 10' 3 weight also.


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    Default Re: Help please: 8.5' 3wt or 9' 4wt?

    Given that you're talking about 90% nymphing, I'd say a 4wt is the way to go.

    However, I own a TFO Pro 8'6" 3wt that is pretty stout for a 3 and can definitely handle light nymphing. I wouldn't want to throw multiple shot or stonefly nymphs with it, but I'd say it can handle 30' casts with a size 16 copper john under a small football indicator just fine.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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