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Thread: Rod Length?

  1. Question Rod Length?

    I'm planning a trip for April to the Smokies. I know the streams are pretty closed in and tight in some areas. I have been wanting to buy a new rod, but trying to figure out what length rod I should get. Wondering if I should go with a 6'6", 7', or larger. Any suggestions?

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    I've been to the smokies and seen some of the waters on them and i'd say 7' 6" 3wt -4wt even up to an 8' 5wt depending on the size of fish in the streams. from what i remeber you wont need to cast very far, and it's very nice water with riffles and deep pools behind boulders. mostly something so you can pack it, 4 piece and otherwise i would say no shorter than 7' as 6' and shorter is like casting a spinning rod if you have never cast it before.
    i'm sure some locals on this forum can hit the nail on the head for you. maybe even some great local patterns for the time of season your going. happy hunting.

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