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  1. Default Ross Flystik, 8 vs. 10-weight?

    Hey guys, new member here from Sweden. I'm in the roundabouts of getting some new pike gear, and the Ross Flystik caught my eye to say the least.

    Like i mentioned, the rod will be mainly used for "pikeing". Poppers and divers, 5-10 inch hair and flash streamers and such. What would be the better choice, a 8- or 10-weight? I'm also going to do some carp-sessions with the same gear.


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    Default Re: Ross Flystik, 8 vs. 10-weight?

    Hi Pikeaddict,

    We have some serious Pike fishers and I am sure they will help you out. Can you buy the Ross rod close to home or will you buy it over here?

    I really just wanted to welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your time here.


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    Default Re: Ross Flystik, 8 vs. 10-weight?

    i have never fished for either species. i did google it though. if you are going to be using it mostly for pike (baltic pike?) then 10wt. they sound like they can get very heavy. Have you asked a shop? you can also call up ross and ask them which one would be better. hope that helps

  4. Default Re: Ross Flystik, 8 vs. 10-weight?

    Thanks for the welcome Frank, appreciated

    The pikes that we got here are both baltic and northern pike, while baltics are fished on the coasts of Sweden, but i'm going to fish for the Northern in both shallow lakes and rivers.

    Pikes do grow very big, but the big mamas are allways harder to catch. Largest one i've landed "so far" was around 11 pounds on a 6weight this summer but he swam away safely after he got released.

    I don't think Ross reels have any of their newer rods out on the market in Sweden, so i will be ordering the rod and some other stuff from Cabelas soon. I got some time to think about my decision cause of our lakes that are frozen solid and i don't wanna get stuck inside all winter just looking at my rod

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    Default Re: Ross Flystik, 8 vs. 10-weight?

    I have the 8wt version of this rod and will say if lined right you will have no trouble throwing big deer-hairs, poppers, or jumbo streamers. I had to jump around to find the right line that fits my casting style, but once i did this stick can be a rocket launcher. I bought the 8wt for smallies on the Huron and big mouths in my back yard, and have landed smallies in the low 20" range and large mouth in the 8-9 lbs range and have not felt under gunned with an 8wt.

    hope this helps a bit anyways
    Jim (halo7b)

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    Default Re: Ross Flystik, 8 vs. 10-weight?

    i will second that, i use a fast taper 8 with a 9 weight pike taper and i throw 10 inch flys all day. The ten will only weigh a little more, but is too big for my low teen lb sized fish.

  7. Default Re: Ross Flystik, 8 vs. 10-weight?

    I guess it would be just easier to cast big flies with the 10w and subduing bigger fish would go alot faster? But with the 8weight the fish would give you a bit more fighthing?

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    Default Re: Ross Flystik, 8 vs. 10-weight?

    I tried the 6wt flystik out and wasn't wild about it, but I've been very pleased with my Redington Predator 6wt. Its basically the same concept (short and stout), roughly the same price, but just casts better and looks better to me as well. I also like the fact that its made by a rod company (same parent company owns Sage), not a reel company. All that said, I've not tried the 8 or 10wt version of either.

    Todd at Sage Fly Rods | Ross Reels | Redington Fly Rods | Simms Waders | Simms Boots can likely take care of the international shipping to you across the pond and up the fjord.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Ross Flystik, 8 vs. 10-weight?

    Hi pikeaddict,

    I think that Cliff may have a good idea. The Predator comes in a 9wt and that may be a very good fit for big Pike. Cliff has been very satisfied with his Predator and I think Bear uses one too. Go up to the Shopping menu at the top of the page and select Marketplace. Take a look at the Predator and you might be surprised what a lot of rod they are for the money. We list Ross rods also but my choice would be the Redington Predator.


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