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Thread: Sage Graphite III 586 4RPL Question

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    Default Sage Graphite III 586 4RPL Question

    I have a Sage Graphite III 586 4RPL (8'6" 5wt) that I couldn't cast to save my life. I bought this from a friend a couple of years ago to help him out financially. I've tried to cast it numerous times to no avail. I know, everybody has different casting styles; but, everything I've read calls this an easy to cast, smooth casting rod. When I try to cast it, I would say I look like I'm swinging an axe at flies. I just flat-out cannot cast it. Now, I've only used 5wt line. I know that's a long explaination to get to my question. Should lining this rod with 6wt or 7wt line make it more castable. I've never taken the time to try. Input would be appreciated. If I can't remedy this, I will have to sell it to someone who can use it. Thanks in advance for your input.


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    Before I answer are you experienced or a novice? My answer vil depend on that! K Jensen

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    Default Re: Sage Graphite III 586 4RPL Question

    Hi Thomas,

    I think the Sage III RPL was Sage's first great rod. I have fished them every since they have came out. I have several in 5wt and 8wt. I don't think over-lining is the solution. It was the Sage RPL+ that over-lining helps.

    I think the problem may be your casting ability. You need someone else to cast your rod and line combination and see if they have the same problem. Find a fly shop and take a lesson or two. Most fly shops will let you cast their rods so try a faster or slower rod and see how you do with them. The rod at the shop will be balanced and any problems will be your casting stroke.

    There is always the chance that the rod is mislabeled and a heavier or lighter line is called for. In most cases rods that are mislabeled are usually heavier than their rating.

    So it is a matter of eliminating the rod, line and your casting until you have the right combination. Now if you give us a little more information as to what is happening when you have a problem, we could give you some other recommendations.


    1. Do you have big loops or tight loops?

    2. How much fly line do you have out the tip when you make a cast?

    3. What fly line are you using?

    4. At the completion of your cast does the line land in a straight line or does it collapse? If the fly line is straight what happens to the leader?

    5. How far can you cast in your normal fishing?

    6. What size fly and what size tippet are your using?

    7. How long is your leader?


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    Default Re: Sage Graphite III 586 4RPL Question

    Quote Originally Posted by saxogade9 View Post
    Before I answer are you experienced or a novice? My answer vil depend on that! K Jensen
    35 years of experience. I can modify my casting to make pretty much any action work. At least I have in the past.

    By the way all, overlining definitely solved the problem. Or I should say, it made the rod castable. I did more testing and it clearly casted better with about 60 feet of line out. I guess all my rods do; but, the overlining makes it cast like a dream rather than a broomstick.

    ---------- Post added at 08:38 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:36 PM ----------

    Frank, I appreciate your input. Your questions are appropriate. As posted above, overlining solved the problem; however, as with most rods, with more line out it casts better. I specualte your speculation about a mislabeled line weight on the rod may be correct.


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    My Sage Graphite III 590-4RPL rod appears to have a 'medium-fast' to 'medium (traditional' action. When I fished this rod, my impression was that it seemed to work better with a 6wt line. A 5wt didn't seem to flex the rod enough.

    It's a very good rod.


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    Default Re: Sage Graphite III 586 4RPL Question

    Welcome to the forum Alan. You managed to hit a pretty old for a starter post.

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    Default Re: Sage Graphite III 586 4RPL Question

    I have The later Rod The VPS 9ft #6,virtually The same Rod,even though I haven't used it for a couple of years it's a nice Rod to use,I've tried various Lines & have found them all OK,especially as mentioned some a Size heavier.
    I also find after using Fast Action Rods,when I use Medium,Medium/Fast action Rods It Takes a couple of casts to get The Rythm Back & Vice Versa.

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    Default Re: Sage Graphite III 586 4RPL Question

    I would recommend that you try a 6 wt line on that rod. I had a 590-2 RPL and then a 590-4 RPL that was my go to rod for years, but I am an experienced caster.

    You are probably used to a softer fly rod.

    A heavier line will slow down the timing of the cast, but it will not turn your rod into a slower action by rod. The flex profile remains the same, and although the timing of the stroke becomes closer to a slower 5 wt fly rod with a 5 wt line, your stroke path will still need to be one that matches the faster flex profile.

    I think you will benefit by reading my post below to understand fly rod terminology and dynamics.

    Fly rod line rating, power, and action - an explanation.

    My last post on the third page explains why you still need to match your stroke path to that of a faster fly rod.

    Page 3


    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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