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Thread: 3wt Rod Dillema

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    Wright McGill makes 2 3 wts. One fast action (8..or 8 1/2 foot boron) and a 7 1/2 foot more "traditional" action. $219 and $299 respectively. Both very sweet rods. Hard part is finding a delaer where you can touch them.

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    Not trying to throw a loop in your short list, but have you considered fiberglass? I really like it in shorter lighter rods. A 7 or & 1/2 foot glass in a three weight will be a real sweetheart. My go to rod in the Smokies is a 7' 4 weight. The Glass rods require you to slow down your casting stroke (actually more enjoyable). But they always put a fly down soft, and you can feel every muscle twitch of a nice cut or brookie when it's fighting. Both Hardy and TFO offer something close to what you're looking for. You lose a bit of distance with a glass rod, hardly an issue on a small stream, but you gain in almost every aspect of presentation.

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