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    Default fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    ok so i think i got my wife talked into at least trying to fly fish,..she used to bass fish with me when she would get to go and liked im tryin to figure out a rod to get for that i noticed this weekend was a Ross Worldwide Journey in Pink....thought the Pink color would kind of help since its her favorite color and is reasonably priced...only thing is it is actually a youth model...they are 7'6" and a 4wt....looked like a nice little rod for the money...........what im wonderin is with it being a youth model it wont matter correct as far as her using it? i thought it would be a nice starter setup for her anyone got any ideas or other opinions maybe

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    Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    That makes that rod a youth model (besides color) is the small grip. If that works for her, there's your start.

    If I'm going to play the statistics from last year's sales at the shop, I would probably grab a 9 foot 5 weight 4 piece Scott A3. It's a mid flex rod that is very forgiving, yet it has some zing when it's needed. Many rookie women seemed to cast better with this rod than any other rod in the price point.

    If the $335 price point of the Scott A3 doesn't work for you, look at the Redington Classic Trout rods. They are mid flex rods like the Scott, but much more forgiving. Personally, I like this rod as a dry fly rod, but it can do other tasks. Check out the sponsor site,, for Redington CT combinations. These rod, reel, and line combinations cost much less than a Scott A3.


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    Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    It would help to know what kind of fishing she'll be doing and what kind of budget you're looking at. My worry about a 7'6" youth rod is that it might not work in the long term unless you're always in the brush - it's just not very versatile. Also, since the whole rod is youth sized, she might find the handle small unless she's youth sized too.

    Unless she's the kind that would rather fish with a pink broomstick than a green z-axis, I'd not insist on a pink rod. You can definitely go with pink line though. If it must be pink, TFO makes a 8'6" 5wt. and a 9' 8wt. in translucent purple with pink lettering. Add the pink TFO case and pink line and there should be no confusing her rig with yours. I can't speak to the quality of the rod, except that I would expect it to be at least acceptable.

    If you can go other than pink, there are lots of options.

  4. Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    I got to agree with the 9' 5 weight suggestion or at least an 8'6". I don't think a short youth model is the answer. Give her all the options...would you be happy with that rod?
    I have been fishing for...well a little while ;-) and I know, I would try the rod as a test, but I sure wouldn't like it for a main set-up.

    There are several choices, Clearwater, TFO Professional, etc.

    I also agree with the mid flex.

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    Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    Ditto on the length. My wife is 5'2", and definitely does better with at least an 8'6" rod, and even a 9'. Those lengths work well for me also. Casting in the backyard is one thing, but mending line, etc, is much easier with a longer rod. It's also easier to pick up 25 feet of line of a stream, and cast it back upstream with a single cast on a longer rod. I think of short rods where there is overhanging brush and branches.

    Lemme tell you a story... I crashed in a cycling race in 2002. The point of impact was the front corner of my right shoulder, and I couldn't lift that arm
    more than a few inches for a year. It still hurts, and I thought that using a 7'6" 4wt would help prevent injury. My shoulder pain actually increased with the shorter rod, and I went back to a 9' 5wt and 6wt: single false casts meant less shoulder movement, and I don't even think of the 3 short rods I own anymore. Mending line is so essential on streams, and a longer rod gets the job done with a flick of the wrist (sort of).

    ---------- Post added at 12:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:37 AM ----------

    P.S. I just looked at Redington's website, and the Classic Trout in
    9' 4wt and 5wt are both under 3oz! I've owned a couple of Redington rods,
    and they were dandy.

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    Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    When my wife showed an interest in fly fishing I got her a TFO Pro 8'6" 5wt and she has never looked back. She attended a 2-day fly fishing school and the Master Instructor said she had a great fly rod for her to learn and to continue fishing with. The TFO rod that is purple with pink lettering is the "Recovery and Hope Benefit" series - basically the same as a TFO Pro, with a Medium Fast action, and it costs the same as the Pro series. The Recovery & Hope rods are good fly rods, and TFO donates $25 to the "Casting For Recovery" organization for each rod sold.

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    Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    I love my redington 3 wt, will eventually buy a redington 5 wt but have too many of them (5 wts) now.

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    Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    I appriciate all the opinions everyone
    one of the reasons i was looking at the youth yes was cause of the color and i thought it might at least get her started and show more intrest in it that way....the other reason i thought of this rod is cost....still not sure if she will take to it and i dont want to go spend a ton just yet....dont want to drop $400 on a good setup if she tries it a few times and not want to do it anymore and have a $400 setup sittin there.....even though if i had it i could still use it but i have one nice rod i really like now.....the other reason that i thought of this one was if she does take to it well and does like it and wants to continue with it and then upgrade to a nicer better quality rod later on we can still use this journey rod for my step daughter if she wanted to start....she is 10 this summer so it might get her a start as well.....that was my main thiinking of that......if i do get it for her i have heard that you shouldnt try and teach your spouse to fly fish.....not sure but Feathercraft sly shop is close to us and they give casting classes every Sat morning so i thought on a sat that we had off together i could take her up there and have an instructor give her some lessons still up in the air of what im gonna do yet she said she would like to try it and i told her if she wanted to try i would get the rod for her as a im still thinkin that i might try the journey....i know an 8'6" rod would fit her better but i want to at least see if shes interested in it first if not then i wont have lost a ton in it

  9. Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    I understand the price issue and the not sure if will stick with it, but you have to look at it this way.
    I have seen allot of interested Fly Fishers turned off because the gear was not right, too heavy, to short, to stiff....basically, they had to work too hard, they lost interest quickly.

    I love Purple and I agree, it would be cool to have a Purple rod, but it has to be the right rod, or just a waste of time and money.

    Your step daughter would benefit much more with at least an 8 1/2'. Like mentioned, lifting line off water and mending.

    I would say maybe look at Walmart for a combo in your price range, but I have a friend that did that for his wife and not only did she hate it, he did too.
    He ended up getting a beginner model from Sportsman's Warehouse, and wife not only took to it, but out fishes him.

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    Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

    Keep in mind, you can get a full size Wind River setup from Cabelas for 70 bucks now. So you don't have to break the bank to get started. I know it's not the greatest rod, but it should be fishable. And if she doesn't take to it, you're only out $70 for rod, reel, and line. At the $150 range there are a variety of options, often in lesser known brands, that offer good service. I just set my 11 year old son up with a Flextec CRX88, reel with extra spool, and three lines (floating, sinking, slow sinking) for $150. That includes shipping from Great Britain. If you poke around the net a bit looking for reviews, you can find some nice rods for not much.

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