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  1. Default 5 wt switch rods any suggestions

    i fish the clarion river quiet a bit and i am looking for a switch rod to fish for smallmouth with. does any one have suggestions ive alotted around $850 for the rod

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    Default Re: 5 wt switch rods any suggestions

    I have casted a Sage Z-Axis 5110-4, but I have not fished it. I tried it with a 275 grain and 325 grain Skagit Short line. It has plenty of zip to it. It should throw moderately weighted or moderately wind resistant flies.

    I also casted a Beulah Classic Switch 5/6. I casted it with the matching Elixir Switch line (a shortened Scandi line) and floating tip. This rod is not quite as fast as the Z-Axis. I am sure with the right line, it can throw bass flies.

    Every major brand now has a switch. If you could find a retailer that will allow you to cast some, give them a test ride.


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    Default Re: 5 wt switch rods any suggestions

    I haven't any experience with a 5-wt. switch rod, but I do have experience with both a Sage Z-Axis and a ZG Helios, both in 11' 7-wt. switch configurations. I was amazed how much lighter the ZG Helios was. I don't know how much difference the weight would count for if you do mainly two-handed Spey casting, but I can tell you that it made a real difference casting one-handed as I mostly do. I stayed out on the water a whole lot longer with the lighter ZG Helios.
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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