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    Default Review of the Hardy zenith 6wt.

    Just wanted to throw my personal review of the Hardy Zenith out there. The real battle was actually getting one. Anyway I wanted a new streamer rod and I have been throwing some new, and some old rods and after some time with it at the Fly fishing show it was definitely one that stood out to me. Also was impressed with the new Winston B3x.
    Anyway finally got it to the water and Im not dissapointed at all. Casts great and fights even better. One thing that stood out more than anything was the sensitivity when playing the fish. I could feel every head shake of the fish from 40 ft out to net. Built very well and looks pretty good also. I will give a more detailed write up soon with some more time with it. Still green with it yet. Had to smile though-40 or so fish with it on its first day out(about 38 stockers though-nuf said). More later

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    Default Re: Review of the Hardy zenith 6wt.

    Good to hear this, I was just ask the other day if I owned any Hardy rods and I replied that I was considering some. I think the rods look great finish wise and it sounds like they work just fine too.

    Thanks for that,


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    Default Re: Review of the Hardy zenith 6wt.

    I will have the opportunity to test the Zenith 5wt....soon...heard so many things about this rod I'm looking forward to trying it.
    Ard....think I know who asked you if you owned a Hardy

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    Default Re: Review of the Hardy zenith 6wt.

    Good to hear about the Zenith 6 wt. I'm planning to buy a new 6 wt and am interested in the Zenith, but have not even seen one yet. It will be interesting to get an actual fishing report on it.


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    Default Re: Review of the Hardy zenith 6wt.

    Agree with your assessment of the Hardy Zenith 6 wt. I just received a 9'0" 6 wt. last month, and it is an extremely capable rod at short and long distances. This rod loads beautifully. I first tried it with an SA GPX line which was fine, but I then tried it with an SA Expert Distance and it just sang at all distances! I also tried it with a RIO Gold and it felt great as well. It's a fast rod, but I can feel it load on the back cast, and once I timed my forward cast correctly, the accuracy and power came easily. It doesn't need to be forced, and the rod is light as a feather. I can cast this thing all day.

    As many others have mentioned, it has beautiful build quality, excellent fit and finish, a gorgeous, industrial strength reel seat, with Hardy adding the little things like metal ferrule plugs and an external sock for the rod tube. Just a beautiful package.

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    Default Re: Review of the Hardy zenith 6wt.

    Thanks for postig the rod review. We hear so much about how a certain rod casts at the fly fishing shows, but I like to hear from individuals who are using the rod on the river.


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    Default Re: Review of the Hardy zenith 6wt.

    Well congrats to Rob11, sounds like you are pretty happy so far. I would check this rod out if you are in the market right now. I have fished some more with it and can say it is quite the rod.. I dont know if I specified but I also bought the 9' 6wt and it excels in every way.Like I said before it is well built and has a great finish-very nice cork and I do like the reel seat..Little aggressive style but looks good..Throws some serious line and damn precise at any distance. Still cant believe how much feel this rod really has, think anyone who has some time with it will be amazed....And you can just feel the power when fighting fish.You will like the overall package I think.Its a fast rod but for what I wanted I think its perfect. I like my streamer rods to be fast and my dry rods slow for that light presentation,etc.
    So I hope this helps anyone shopping right now. I own a couple rods and have built my own also, this rod rates up there for sure. Will be my number one streamer rod. Hope this summer brings everyone some great fishing-have a great day.

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    Have you fished any smaller dries with it? Was considering this rod along with the BIIIX 6wt as a bigger go to rod in a 4wt/6wt quiver.

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    Default Re: Review of the Hardy zenith 6wt.

    Quote Originally Posted by legalyaker View Post
    Have you fished any smaller dries with it? Was considering this rod along with the BIIIX 6wt as a bigger go to rod in a 4wt/6wt quiver.
    I have not fished any dries with it yet,etc. Mainly a streamer rod and not enough hatching yet.. Been some Bwo's of course but I fish an Elkhorn Nomad 8' 3wt I built for that. Mostly because I fish a local river right now thats not big and if its not too dang windy I can get away with it...Although my plan is to use it if the need is there. Especially with caddis, stims and hoppers,etc. That will come soon.

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    Default Re: Review of the Hardy zenith 6wt.

    Adding my 2 cents to this older thread. I just purchased the Zenith 6wt on closeout and have fished it twice for a total of about 6 hours this past week. All fishing was done in still water using an articulated wooly bugger (size 8) and fast sink poly leader on Rio Gold line.

    First impressions, the rod is well balanced; the Zenith series has been praised for its low swing weight and this holds true for the 6wt as well. At times, others in this forum have described the Zenith as medium fast but I would strongly disagree. This is a fast and powerful rod. It casts the Rio Gold / polyleader combo without breaking a sweat. I can only imagine how it might chuck the Rio Gold without the polyleader. I would have no fear in pushing this rod as hard as I needed to. In fact, it feels much closer to a 7 wt than my other 6wts.

    It's late December and I have been able to land a few fish including four good sized pickerel and a couple of bass. There is no question this rod can handle some pretty big fish. Overall, I consider the Zenith to be a stellar streamer rod capable of casting large flies great distances. I would hesitate to use it for tippets lighter than 3x.
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