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Thread: Should I buy this baby?

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    The RS4 is a very good bang for the buck rod. At that price you are getting more than you are paying for. The Sage at that price is also a very good value. If you like it, the rod works for you, and you are looking to buy a rod, you are getting a good value.

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    Well, here's the report: I have fished this rod several times and it's quite nice. Not quite the rod the Helios is. The Helios has more power in reserve and is supple and beautiful to cast. I don't own the Helios, I sure would love to though. But for $149, this rod was a great buy and a mighty fine backup rod, which I now fish over my 8'6" 6wt Trident (which is tip heavy and clunky compared to the Redington).

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