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Thread: 7wt question

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    Default 7wt question

    Hi guys I had some quick questions. I am looking at getting a 10’ 7wt rod for some fishing I am intending to do this year. At first I was all set on getting a Sage 10’ 7wt XP. I found a new one for sale and was all set to grab it until…….I stopped by my local Orvis shop on the way home from work yesterday to pick up a couple of things for my trip tomorrow. I got BSn' with the guy and he said that I should also check out the 10’ 7wt Hydros. He also mentioned that there is an upcoming sale that if you buy a Hydros or a Helios you get a free battenkill large arbor reel of your choice.

    Now this has thrown a curve ball in my decision making process. I heard the Hydros is basically the same rod as the Helios with cheaper equipment (i.e. reel seal, guides). I wanted to get a Helios, however I really don’t want to drop 800 on a rod that I am not going to fish all of the time. For those of you that know me most of my fly fishing is done on my Sage 0wt rods. I only want the 7 for messing around with chrome and for when I fish still waters (such as Henry’s Lake etc.). This rod will most likely only be fished 10 or so times a year.

    I really don’t know much about the Hydros (other than what I have read on the Orvis site) and was wondering if anybody has experience with this rod. I also was curious how this rod compares with the Helios and the Sage XP. My last question is, if you were me which one would you get and why would you choose it over the other models?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: 7wt question

    Hi Sasha

    I have not cast the Hydros rods yet, but do have some experience with the Helios. The Hydros is the same rod blank with different hardware. It does not have the rcoil guides of the Helios and comes with an anodized reel seat instead of wood. At the sale price with a BK Large Arbor reel your looking at a great deal in my opinion. I'd see if your Orvis shop has a demo you could cast to see what one feels like.
    I've cast my Dads 12wt Helios for Tarpon and was very impressed. Compared to his old Sage it was like casting an 8wt. But it feels like a 12wt with a fish on the end of the line. They are sweet rods. I would imagine the Hydros to be very similar. I'm considering getting a couple for myself this season. I'm leaning toward the Hydros since I really don't feel the need for recoil guides and don't care about the reel seat. Given the price difference the Hydros seems right for me.
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    Default Re: 7wt question

    Thanks for the info. However now that I have gone fishin for steelhead, I am pretty sure I am going to go with a spey rod instead. The main reason is that I intend to mostly fish for them in the fall and winter.

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    Default Re: 7wt question

    Hi Sasha,

    I do not know which part of Idaho that you are in, but the Red Shed Fly Shop in Peck, Idaho is specialized in two handers. Ask for Poppy. He may be one of the most knowledgeable people on the topic in the USA.


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    Default Re: 7wt question

    Sasha, Have you considered a switch rod?


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    Default Re: 7wt question

    Quote Originally Posted by HuronRiverDan View Post
    Sasha, Have you considered a switch rod?


    I got a PM from a member asking basically this same question. Here is the reply wrote.

    You see (maybe you can help me on this; as I know lots about ultralights but not so much on the heavy gear) my first thought for a steelhead rod was a 10' foot 7wt. Then I started talking with a few seasoned steelhead fisherman and it got me all messed up.

    The general consensus was that for fishing fall/winter steelhead and the waters I would be fishing in a two handed rod would be the best choice. Now most of the people stated that a spey would be the best choice. Their reason was that with the amount of water that I would be covering it would be the best suited for the task. They also had the opinion that a switch rod was so so, because it wasn't really great at spey or one hand casting.

    Or in other words "if you want a one hand get a true one hand. If you want a two hand get a true two handed rod". My thoughts on the matter were well I already have a single hand 9wt yes it is a lot of stick for steelhead however I already own it. I can build a Z axis or VT2 spey for a very reasonable price so my thoughts were to go with a spey.
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    Default Re: 7wt question

    Just wanted to update the thread. After looking, reading, checking out etc different rods I have made a decision. After talking with the nice folks at Meiser; I have decided to go with one of their 13' rods with a grain window of 450-700. I will get it ordered this week

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