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Thread: Sage Fli.

  1. Default Sage Fli.

    Broke down and invested in one each Sage Fli rod. Cost me
    $305.00 bucks, which places it in the mid priced Sage line. The color
    is different and is somewhat like the Launch color scheme. I chose the
    8weight, 10 foot model which will do nicely on the rivers here in Oregon.
    Took it out to the casting pond loaded with an Aif Flow 40 plus line and
    it performed as expected for Sage equipment. Tight loops and a good
    feel throughout its power curve. Long casts were a breeze as well as
    the shorter ones. Change spools. This one had the Rio Lake line and
    the rod performed flawlessly. Long roll casts were a snap. Like this
    rod. Cheers to all you guys.


  2. Default Re: Sage Fli.

    I love my sage launch.. I think I'm a sage man for life..
    Congrats on a great purchase.

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