so out of curiosity today I swapped the line of one reel to another (5wt SA Nymph taper from my cabelas LSR2 reel to a SA concept click and pawl and the SA line 6wt i believe to the LSR and put the LSR on the 6wt St. Croix Triumph 9' that was repaired to 8'6" and the SA concept to the reddington redfly2 5wt 8'6" and i must say taking that boat anchor LSR off the redfly and putting the lighter SA on it made the rod turn from line sputterer out far to a rocket that had me looking as good or better than my uncle who is very good. the triumph feels better too with the heavier reel and rockets line out effortlessly, i was ready to write the both of them off and get a scott A3 5wt 9' and a grey's 9'6" 7wt but for now i might just keep them around as primary rods. on another note all that helped me decide on the orvis battenkill click and pawl reel from ebay, i cannot thank you enough for that recomend as i hooked a 17" brown and had i picked a cheaper reel with a crappy drag i would have not landed the fish on my 7'6" forecast 3wt. i love it alot. just have to get used to setting the hook with authority as it is such a soft stick.