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Thread: steelhead rod ?

  1. Default steelhead rod ?

    opinions on a mod-fast vs. a fast action rod. also, can a fast action rod be slowed a bit by uplining one size?

    one more...some manufacturers lines are really 1/2 size larger than stated. does anyone know who these mfgrs are?


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    Default Re: steelhead rod ?

    I am not up to date with all the new actions and brands of rods. I would call most of my graphite med / mod fast actions. I don't mess with different line weights but control the different actions with subtle changes in my timing when casting.

    I'm sure someone better versed than I will soon answer in a more specific manner.

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    i like your answer. if my father were here with us tonight, he would have answered in the exact manner as he fished as you do. and he caught fish. thank you for the smile and memory.

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    Default Re: steelhead rod ?

    Hi Rapman,
    The easy way to answer your question about action is my normal one. The action that best works for the caster's stroke is the one to get.

    Here are some technical preferences.

    Casting streamers - fast action. The caster may be using heavy tip lines to put a big load on the rod to throw the larger flies.

    Nymphing - medium fast action. It is important to slow down the rod to open up the casting loop. Try casting an indobobber/weight/multiple nymph rig with a tight loop. Say hello to tangles. Actually this is the whole premise of the Sage 99 series of nymph rods. It also is the premise why it is recommended to upline fast rods one to three line sizes for flipping nymph rigs.

    Yes, uplining a rod will slow down a rod.

    Lines that are uplined a half weight are the SA Mastery GPX, SA Sharkskin GPX, and Rio Grand. I am not sure if the SA Mastery Steelhead and Rio Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead lines are uplined by half a weight.


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