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  1. Default Go-to rod fro PA, MD streams

    Hi All -- just introduced myself to the forum so now here's my requisite "what rod should I buy" post.

    My situation: I have a 9' 5wt. But it's an old Cortland CL that I bought in 98 and now I can replace it with something nicer. I used it extensively on bigger rivers out west.

    But, now I live in DC and fish smaller water with spookier fish (PA, an MD) General fishing is dry flies of 14-20, 6x tippet, focusing on presentation. (That said I hope to get better at nymphing... it just wasn't as necessary out west -- and I've always thought dry was more fun).

    So first question: Length and Weight

    I've been thinking 7'9" to 8"0" in a 4wt med action for a good all around rod that can deal with the tighter spots, and shorter delicate casting to smarter fish. But I still want it to stand up to a river the size of Penns Creek, Little Juniata, or the Gunpowder too. I'll still have the old 9' 5wt as a back-up (for wind and long casts), but I want this new purchase to be the go-to. All comments and opinions are welcome.

    Next Question: Brand

    My budget is around $250 give or take. I'm checking the usual suspects -- St. Croix Avid, TFO Finesse, Greys Streamflex, Orvis Clearwater II ...

    My gut says Avid for absolutely no reason... never tried one. It's only based on what I've read here, and that it's USA made.

    Another USA made (I believe) rod that's made the list is the Orvis TLS Power Matrix. It only fits my budget because of the current free Battenkill reel offer. Seems like a no brainer - a more expensive setup for the same price. But on this forum nobody seems to have much to say about this rod. I see people gushing about the cheaper Avids, Echos and TFOs but they're kinda mum about the TLS Power Matrix. Is it only more expensive because it says Orvis on it or is it really a better rod than the lower end contenders?

    Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: Go-to rod fro PA, MD streams

    Funny you should post this...I was just thinking of selling my 8ft 4wt Avid.

    PM me if your interested.
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