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  1. Default Any opinions on a bamboo 6' 6'' or 7'

    Hi guys,

    does anyone know of a decent babmboo rod craftsman that produces reasonably priced (I am a grad student) bamboo rods.

    I have only had carbon rods before, but I am temped.
    Have no idea how to choose a bamboo rod though thus any advice is welcome!

    Thank you all in advance,

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    Default Re: Any opinions on a bamboo 6' 6'' or 7'

    Lew Parks in Saginaw, MI is a very skilled bamboo rod builder. I've bought two of his rods, and he sells them mostly on ebay. Don't let that scare you off, however, as it's a great place to sell. You can buy one of Lew's rods directly, but it'll cost a couple hundred dollars more. Ebay offers Lew's customers an
    opportunity to share their opinions with anyone as well. Lew builds the rods from raw cane to completion, and they are a delight to cast.

    Dennis Stone of Oregon is another affordable bamboo rod builder, and his prices are a bit lower than Lew Parks. My only experience with Stone's rods is by way of the Classic Rod Forum, and his ebay feedback.

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    Default Re: Any opinions on a bamboo 6' 6'' or 7'

    Check out AJThramer's website. I think that he has a very good entry rod for around $800.00

    A.J. Thramer Bamboo Rods - Quality and Value Since 1981

    Also, check out Ben Turpin, a local builder who turns out very nice products for a reasonable price.

    Ben Turpin Custom Rod Building and Guide Service

    Of course, if you want a really nice rod, then check out the Sweetgrass line; made by the "boo boys"; formerly the bamboo rod makers for Winston.

    Sweetgrass Rods - Home

    And, among others, there's Wayne Maca; also in Twin Bridges, MT.


    Good luck!

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  4. Default Re: Any opinions on a bamboo 6' 6'' or 7'

    As someone that does fish a high dollar 7' 4wt boo, I know of a place that puts out a very nice Tea Stick for around $400.
    The action is good, and there are different tapers. I have one that is a Payne 101 taper.

    Asian made though.

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    Default Re: Any opinions on a bamboo 6' 6'' or 7'

    I bid on a 7'6" Orvis Madison (ebay), and it looked 100%. My bid was $245, and I forgot about the auction until it was too late. It sold for $280 this afternoon! Orvis rods seem to never go for less than $400, but there are some wild price fluctuations at times. The Classified Forum on the Classic Rod Forum has new rods listed daily, and there are some deals to be found.

    While I don't have any experience with A. J. Thramer's rods, he's widely regarded as the reigning king of "affordable" USA cane rods. There are so many bamboo rod builders in the U.S. right now........

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