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    Default 8 wt: st croix ultra or sage vantage

    I am in the market for a new 9 ft 8 wt. I have pretty well narrowed my choices to st croix ultra, imperial or sage vantage. To give you an idea of my casting style, my favorite trout rods are sage slt and winston wt. I live in central texas and will be using the 8 wt on the texas coast for redfish.
    I am 70 with a gimpy right shoulder and have been fly fishing about 20 years.
    With that background, can anyone give me a suggestion to resolve my dilema.

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    Default Re: 8 wt: st croix ultra or sage vantage

    Knowing your preference towards actions, a Vantage should be a good fit. Line it up with a Scientific Anglers Redfish Taper. You'll have a good match.

    I cannot comment on the two St. Croix models that you listed.

    The reality is that you should cast these rods out for yourself. The one that feels the best is the one you should be fishing with.


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