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    Default Redington CT 5wt - 2 month review

    So, I wanted to wait until I had put in a bit more time with this rod before I wrote another mini-review. I own the 9' 5-weight. My first impressions were pretty good... great action, nice looking blank and hardware. The only complaints are that there is a decent amount of filler in the cork, and I also really don't like the rod sock... I don't know what they were thinking with this thing. The loops are supposed to be elastic but barely stretch and it makes me nervous pulling them up and over the rod tip. I'd just prefer the little piece of material to tie. It's simpler and better IMO.

    After casting this thing for a couple months, I can say that I am still loving the action. I am trying to discipline myself into slowing down my casting stroke, but you can easily cast this thing pretty quickly and get some nice tight loops if you need to. It obviously favors smaller flies, but I was able to cast tungsten weighted buggers with no problem... not even tailing loops. Mending is easily accomplished and roll casts are effortless. I feel like I am able to really focus on my casting errors and correct them fairly easily. I feel like I have so much more time in my casting that getting a smoother cast is just a matter of deciding to do so. It's awesome!

    A decent size trout puts a solid bend in the rod, and it really lets the smaller fish show off. I have yet to hook into a lunker, but I imagine I'll have a run in with a native steelhead on the waters I am fishing sooner or later. Hopefully it'll be able to stand up to that kind of stress. Two solid days of fishing steelhead infested waters might have me singing a different tune after this weekend.

    Overall, I am confident in saying this is one the best rods I've fished (better than all my Dad's expensive Loomis and Sage rods, and far and above any of the less expensive rods I've owned). I don't find myself wanting anything more in a general use 5-weight. In actuality, the action is faster than I had anticipated, but still close to Medium. It seems to do everything pretty well. It really just feels like the perfect trout bum rod... cheap and to the point, but backed up with a decent warranty.

    I just know a lot of people ask about a decent 5-weight or specifically about the CT, and this rod gets my recommendation for the price. Hell, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better performing rod at any price

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    Default Re: Redington CT 5wt - 2 month review

    I'm glad you are happy with your new flyrod. It's a great feeling when you find a product that works for you! I too have cast expensive rods, and discovered that higher prices do not always equate to greater satisfaction. Speaking of Redington, I like the Crosswater rods...if they offered a 4wt in a 4pc (7' or 7'6") I wouldn't think twice about adding one to my quiver!



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