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  1. Default Sage FLi vs. Scott A2

    I am contemplating purchasing my FIRST fly rod. My current budget allows the purchase of up to a Sage FLi and a Scott A2. Any comments or feedback on either of these choices?

    Being a rookie, I appreciate any and all feedback!

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    I love sage.

  3. Default Re: Sage FLi vs. Scott A2

    If you can, try them both. I have the Scott and really like it but I have never tried the Sage.

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    I have the sage launch and I love it, I'm sure the fli is a great rod.

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    I tried both myself recently and prefered the Sage FLi, but that's JMHO. I'm sure either one will be a fine rod.

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    Default Re: Sage FLi vs. Scott A2

    They're both great rods made in America by great companies that really take care of their customers. They also usually suit somewhat different casting styles. Try to cast them both with a knowledageble observer that can help you figure out which one is working better.

    In case you care, Sage is kinda like the Microsoft of the high end fly rod world. Works really well, and safely the market leader. Scott is more of an underdog, if yer an underdog fan like some of us are.

    ECHO and Hill Country also make great rods that you should give a try. The ECHO classic 5wt is a great rod that you would not ever "grow out of", or you could go with the ECHO2 and have a spare tip so you've got some insurance. For ECHO rods, check out

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    MMMMMMMMM........Sage! Have two of them (XP's) and love'em.
    I have a buddy that has Scott's and we've tried each others rods on the river; they're both good. Just try it before you buy it!
    Keep in mind if your ever going to be traveling by air: 4 pc rods rule! They fit in your regular luggage.

  8. Default Re: Sage FLi vs. Scott A2

    I'm surprised no one has encouraged you to perhaps buy a little lower end rod.Having a Sage or to a lesser extent a Scott as your first rod is kinda like buying a indy car for your first driving lesson!IMHO I would check out Hill Country rods,they have a great group purchase going on,on this site right yourself a few hundred buck's and perhaps pick up other odd's and end's with the $ you save!If your set on picking between sage and Scott,rest assured they are both top of the line rod's.Personally I would go with the Scott only because I find Sage to be a little over priced and very yuppie'ish(no offence to the million's of sage minion's).
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  9. Default Re: Sage FLi vs. Scott A2

    You can't beat Sage. If i were you, I'd actually cast the FLi and the Launch side-by-side. You might like the Launch better and save yourself a couple bucks for your next purchase in the future. The most expensive rod is not always the best for you, it really depends on your casting stroke.

    You also might want to check out the Temple Fork TiCr line. My 2 cents....

  10. Default Re: Sage FLi vs. Scott A2

    I happen to have several Scott rods & lov'em. However, when
    I made my last fly rod purchase I compared a Sage FLi 9'-4wt 4 piece
    with the Scott A2 9'-4wt 4 piece. each rod was sweet & both in the same
    $$ ballpark. I put each rod thru the ropes & it was extremely hard to
    make a choice based on how it handled. I did finally choose the Sage.
    Not that the Scott was bad, because it was not. I made that choice
    simply because I wanted a Sage rod. Either one would have suited me.
    I agree with others comments : try them both out & see which you like better
    in your hands. You'll be the best judge on what you want. Everyone has
    their own opinion on rods. YOU are the one that will be using it.

    Hope that helps,

    Tie One On

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