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Thread: Looking for new 5wt

  1. Default Looking for new 5wt

    I'm in the market for a new 5wt. My trusty old Cabelas 2 piece special has served me well, but it is time to retire it to the reserve/guest loaner category.

    Earlier this year I bought a 3wt Echo for our annual trip to Co. What a nice creek rod. Well built and very responsive especially considering the price. Now that I'm considering a new 5wt the Echo brand comes to mind. But I am also interested in the 4-pc and 5-pc 5wt offerings from Hill Country. How do these two mfgs. products compare? Anyone have experience with both and could give me some feedback?

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    I don't know about Echo, but I'd say I enjoy my Hill Country 3 wt. every bit as much as my RL Winston rods. That's saying a lot, too, because I'm a pretty dedicated Winston man. The prices Josh is offering here through the end of October make it pretty much a no-brainer, too. In fact, I'm biting my nails trying to resist a new 5 wt., myself. I don't really NEED one, but I want one. I just don't know if it's going to be worth the marital strife or not.

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    Tell the Mrs. I said it's OK. Everyone needs an extra rod or two, or three, or four, or five.....!

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    Since I haven't cast any of the Hill Country rods I can't say that the ECHO rods are better or worse, but I have cast the ECHO classic 5wt and I think you would be equally happy with it as you are with their 3wt.

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    How good of a rod are you looking to purchase ?
    I am not familar with the rods mentioned in the earlier
    responses. ( Echo & Hill Country )

    If I was in the market for a new 5wt I would most defintely
    look at the Sage Launch. I was looking at a 4wt, but the
    wife was frowning alot about buying another rod.

    I currently own a 5wt Scott Voyager & love use it for a
    variety of fish. Most decisions like that can be chalked up
    to personal choice, or experience with a certain manuf.

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    As far as 5wt, Orvis HAD the 2 pc 5wt 7'9" Far -n-Fine which in my opinion is one of the NICEST rods on the market. Now I hear for 2007 it will be a little crisper and a 4 piece, plus new color.

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    How much do I want to spend?

    $150 give or take a few $.
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    Then I got to throw in TFO

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