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    Default Casting 3 wt vs 5 wt

    Am I the only one or is it normal that I can cast my 3 wt farther than my 5 wt. ? I am a little handicapped because I have not learned the double haul technique yet....

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    Default Re: Casting 3 wt vs 5 wt

    Hi Boser,
    My guess is that your casting stroke matches the 3 weight better than your 5 weight. My girlfriend casts her medium fast action 3 weight farther than my fast action 5 weight. She also casts her medium fast action 5 weight farther than my fast action 5 weight.

    If you learn how to adjust your strokes for each rod, eventually you will be able to make longer casts with your 5 weight.

    Learning the double haul should help. You just need to put some time into getting it figured out.

    Other than that, go fishing!


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    Default Re: Casting 3 wt vs 5 wt

    Mosca, You just may be on to something there. I really need to get that double haul down and as you said just go fishing. Experience is probably what I lack most (well except for good looks, Ha!). I noticed right away that I have to slow down my stroke when Ipick up the 3 wt.

    I'm thinking a nice evening lesson in double hauling is in order for tonight, Boser

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    Default Re: Casting 3 wt vs 5 wt


    I agree with MP. Some rods just plain work better than others. I had a 7' 9" St. Croix Legend 4wt that would cast about seventy five feet of line and shoot the remaining 15' so that you were into the backing. I could do this with ease when compared to the same feat with my 9' 5wt Orvis PM 10. Weird, but that was the way it was, I had no need to cast that far in any fishing situation but as do many people I enjoyed playing around with the rods.

    This double haul business is a blend of things; timing, coordination, and rod / line control. These are the paramount or prerequisite steps, of course each caster develops their own style but those first four are the crux of the cast. Be careful while learning because if you are ever going to hit yourself while casting this is a good time for it.


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    Default Re: Casting 3 wt vs 5 wt

    In addition to what my two friends have already said: When you first practice a double haul, make your hauling movements short. Trying to go for the huge
    hauls seen in distance casting can result in frustration or worse. It's a very effective technique for casting light line into wind, and not just for distance.
    Someone once said that you should visualize the up and down hauling motion as moving a violin bow up and down. That tip helped my double haul tremendously. Single hauls work as well, and you might want to play with both.

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    Default Re: Casting 3 wt vs 5 wt

    Frank, Hardy, Thanks for the insight and encouragement. I'll get there I'm sure of it...

    Best Regards to All you Gents that have helped me, Boser

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    Default Re: Casting 3 wt vs 5 wt

    Hi Boser,

    The difference may also be that the line on the 3wt better matches the rod better. Your 5wt may not be a true 5wt and you need a little heavier line to get the best performance from the rod. If the line is light you can compensate by carrying more line out side of the tip but that can be a problem in a stream situation.


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